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Harry Potter Snubbed? Screw You, Oscars!

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

I am extremely angry right now. I’m not kidding. I’m glaring at my computer screen and clenching my teeth and finding it REALLY hard to not punch something. What’s sad about this is that it’s over something that on the first look seems really stupid.

The Oscars. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was snubbed for every category and Alan Rickman was snubbed for the Best Supporting Actor category.

I think everyone reaches the moment I just reached: The moment it becomes apparent that the Oscars are completed BS. You may keep watching them for the celebrities and whos-wearing-what, but you understand that who and what was nominated is determined by biased people in a biased industry that will nominate crap if it falls under their preconceived notions of quality and will only acknowledge what is good is it does the same.

Screw you, Academy Awards. Unless I go to an Oscar party and am FORCED TO I will not be watching the Oscars this year, and probably not next year, either.

Screw you.


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