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What's Your Eco Golf Score?

By Golfrefugees
Golf Refugees Eco Pro Golfer Awards 2012
Welcome to the first eco golf awards. Free to enter for all golf professionals.
All you need to do is calculate your eco golf score by following the ten questions below and e-mail the results together with your name and or pseudonym (if you wish to remain anonymous) to; [email protected]
Prize of a luxurious hamper containing a plethora of organic goods will be forwarded to you. Winner to be announced on 1 st December 2012.
What’s your eco golf score? 1. If you wear cotton based golf apparel (minus 50 points) 2. If you wear polyester based golf apparel (minus 100 points) 3. If you wear hemp, organic cotton or recycled polyester golf apparel award yourself (plus 100 points) 4. If you offset your carbon emissions create by flying to tournaments award yourself (plus 150 points) 5. If you are a member of Greenpeace give yourself (plus 25 points) 6. If you drive a hybrid or electric car award yourself (plus 50 points) 7. If you like Golf Refugees give yourself (plus 1 point) 8. If you eat organic food award yourself (plus 25 points) 9. If you believe golf courses should use less water, pesticides and fertilizers give yourself (plus 25 points) 10. When you wear golf apparel if you think about for more than ten seconds the poor wages, poor conditions and pollution caused by the textile industry award yourself (plus ten points)
Great, now just total up your 'eco golf score' and e-mail it together with your name to; [email protected] ----------------------------------------

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