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What’s the Purpose of the Fake Date?

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

fake date 2The question of the week, do you go out on a date with someone who calls you the same day? In my opinion no, but my sister argued with me claiming that it depends on who it is. With my vast dating experience, I have come to know the fake date well.

The term fake date is used to describe a person who is more interested in the event rather than the person. If Bobby told me he had tickets to see Beyoncé and asked me to go, I would go even though I have absolutely no interest in Bobby. Although this is the normal term used for that type of situation, I have come to know a fake date as something totally different. In my world it’s defined as someone who makes a date knowing they have no intentions on keeping it. This normally plays out in four different scenarios for me

Disappearing Acts

I call this the disappearing date because this happens when you spend your time chatting on the phone and via text with someone. During your last conversation, you both make plans to go somewhere and then you never hear from him/her again. And I personally don’t bother following up!

You Don’t Have a Life

This happened to me about a week ago. I got a phone call last Saturday afternoon asking me was I available within the hour. Keep in mind that we had been chatting/texting during the week and nothing was ever stated about going out. But because I apparently don’t have a life, I’m supposed to cancel my plans to go out with you. I think not.

Selective Amnesia

People apparently get selected amnesia. You make plans to go out and you speak a few times that week. The day of your date arrives and you don’t hear a word. A few days or a week passes and they call you and act like you had no plans at all. They never mention anything about not contacting you on that day or the plans that you two made.

High Hopes

The “high hopes” date is the worst of them all. You’ve had several conversations and you seem to have a connection. You talk/text everyday and because of the seemingly good connection, you get excited that you’re going out. You start planning your outfit, what you want to do with your hair, and you genuinely look forward to spending time after talking on the phone so much. The day of the date rolls around and you hear nothing. The little black dress goes back in the closet.

I still haven’t found the answer to why people just can’t say” I’m not interested”. That should be a pretty easy task over the phone. Better yet, just don’t make plans with someone if you’re not sure you’re interested. What’s the purpose of making a “fake date” that you have no intention on keeping?

Do you think it’s ok to cancel plans to go on a last minute date? What if you had no plans, would you put the remote down and go?

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