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What’s the Most Direct Response? A Thank You

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Marketingtango @marketingtango


What’s the Most Direct Response? A Thank You

Some call it quaint. Some call it antiquated. Yet Diane Gottsman makes the argument that the thank-you note is one of authoritative direct-mail tactics available to you.

“When it comes to business communication, few tools are as simple and powerful as the handwritten thank you note,” Gottsman, a national etiquette and modern manners expert, advocates.

Here’s why you might want to invest in some branded stationary and promotional pens:

“In the age of texts and emails, a handwritten note sets you apart as a professional with an appreciation for the importance of every detail,” she says. “Clearly, it’s a win-win; the recipient feels good that his or her success or gesture of kindness is acknowledged, and it distinguishes the writer for having executive manners. Best of all, it’s fast, easy and sends a powerful message.”

Fortunately, writing a thank-you note as a direct-mail effort is almost as easy as hitting “send” on an email. Here are her tips:

  • Start with a greeting, using the person’s name.
  • Follow with a line or two thanking him or her for the particular gift or kind gesture.
  • Mention the gift or gesture and how you plan to use it, or how it made a positive impact on you.
  • Close with a kind sentiment, perhaps a call to action such as lunch or coffee in the near future (then follow up).
  • End with “Sincerely” or “Best regards” (save “Love” for immediate family and close friends) and sign your name.

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