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What’s the Deal with That Hashtag Thing?

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Eleanor L Niedeck The Big Black Trunk. What would you do if the Lord was coming? What would you do if forced to become one nation under one government? What if money was worthless and a computer chip had to inserted in the hand or head of every man, woman and child or starve without it?
What horrifying events to suddenly find yourself faced with all at once. This story follows one family faced with the end times and the decisions they chose. The times of tribulation are endless. Will Christ come? Or is this family just another set of kooks who will be proven wrong when nothing happens?
This book is very well written and once started, difficult to put down. The author tells it in such an insightful and humbling way it gives the reader pause to truly stop and think about what you would do if it were not only you, but your children as well. Would your faith be strong or falter? I recommend this for every Christian and every apolitical reader in general. It raises serious question and food for thought.Renee Robinson [[ASIN:1492844470 Misty Serenade: Wings (The Rise of Dragon Rose) (Volume 1)]] Series 1

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Julie Cantrell, When Mountains Move. A beautiful story with the right touch of romance, mystery and drama. Millie is a lovely character which at first glance, appears to be meek and gentle. Upon further reading, it becomes clear there is much more substance to her. Though she lacks confidence in herself, she is incredibly strong. She has lived through difficult times. Where most would follow down the path they've always known, Millie manages to overcome, seek and find a better life. Something she knew existed, but never had.With time and experience, like a fine wine, an author continues to improve. I will be happy to watch this author as I know it is difficult to improve perfection.
Renee Robinson [[ASIN:1492844470 Misty Serenade: Wings (The Rise of Dragon Rose) (Volume 1)]]

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ISBN: 9781612131719 , The Guardians, by T.M. Franklin's - Part 2 of a trilogy. Tells of college student, Ava Michaels. She is intelligent, funny, and "the girl nextdoor" type. She is in love with Caleb Foster who comes up missing. Throughout Ava's efforts to find Caleb, her life and others are at risk as The Rogues, a rebellious group of the race, follow plans of of their own which take everyone by surprise. I can't wait to read the final book. This story is creative, riveting and original. It is a must of the shelf of all sci-fi, fantasy and even paranormal buffs.

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Audrey Dacey, Good Morning Heartache 978-0615717302 Alexis is the character you love to hate. She is the definition of "Rich Bitch" and heavy on the B-i-t-c-h. She is sexy and confident yet immature and full of quirks. The storyline pulls you in as you watch this her transform throughout the story. [[ASIN:1490928898 Raining Angels]]

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Whom the Gods Destroy by BWM Books . $7.00 from
When Alma Gane moves in with her daughter Edna, son-in-law Jack and grand-daughter Betty, Edna realises it is more than just space her mother has taken from their home. Shifting from the past to the present, the filial thread interweaves the events of this multigenerational family into a menacing pattern of unease.

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