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What’s Holding You Back?

Posted on the 26 January 2013 by Mankam23

What's Holding you down? I did not honestly plan to write this post here on this blog. I had it in mind but was keeping it for a different blog I intend to build very soon. What prompted me to finally post it here is that, something happened few days ago and I'm gonna share it here with you in a bit. I just realize how important it was for me to post this, because you cannot imagine how many people out there doubt about their competences.

I fell the urge to write this post as soon as possible because maybe there is one person out there looking for reassurance, there's this person looking for someone to tell them they can make it, someone to take the fear out of them, someone to tell them how good they are.

I'll try to be as realistic as possible on this post, because it's really important for me to get this message across and to as many people as possible. We're all humans and we all have our strength and weaknesses, we all have doubts and we all hate failure, well I guess so.

However, what we do not realize is that most of the time, although this may vary from one person to the other, unless we try something, we'll never know if it's gonna work for us or not. Some of you are probably wondering where I'm going to, right?


Here's the story

I already told you on mywelcome page that I started my online venture years back right? ok. I have a friend of mine

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who was as passionate as I am about building a blog (well that's what I thought) and sharing different subjects with others.

We've been talking about this for about two years now, although I already started years earlier, he was getting very excited to have his first trial. We discussed about our subjects all the times and it was really great and entertaining. There were days where we'll talk for hours about planing and everything and it got us inspired, which was great so far.

I finally decided to give it another go and rang him to tell him about it and everything. He was very excited until I asked him: " so tell me, when are you starting yours?". The line suddenly went quiet and I seriously thought he had hung up on me. Then I heard: " I'm not quite sure about this to be honest". I then asked him why? You've been talking about this, making plans for so long and you have a fantastic topic. He said: " yes I know". Then I replied, " you know but why don't you wanna do it then? Why are you dropping everything just when you should go ahead? what about all the work and research you've been doing for so long about it? . He said that he wasn't too sure this was a great idea because:

  • he does not think that he's good enough to succeed
  • the web is overcrowded with better sites in the same niche
  • he doesn't think people will like his work
  • there are better bloggers out there, although I tried my best to persuade him that, everything is just the begining

Here are the top responses I got that evening, this really got me thinking and today I decided to share it as well. It could be of help to someone else. I absolutely know how frustrating it can be to take new challenges, but the truth is that ,the more you run away from a situation, the harder it becomes.

By the way, I told my friend about writing this topic without mentioning his name of course ( lol), and he'll read it as soon as I finished lol.


Why do you think that you aren't good enough?

Very often, we live doubts take advantage of who we truly are, we abondon our dreams and projects because we are too afraid to dare. we think others are better and not us, we always make excuses and try to avoid our fears. As they say, a man's first enemy is himself.

If you are reading this and think ooo this is you, I'll urge you to try and put your fears behind you and face your calling. Nothing we do in this life is ever easy, we all have stories to tell. Not every first attempt will be a success, if you try and fail, take a break if you want but try again. Unless you keep moving, you'll never live the kind of life you wish for yourself. Don't let your fears be your boss.

We're all good in somthing one way or another, that's a fact. You might not be good at what I do, but you must surely be good at something else and it's always important that you think positive. Do not let the negative thoughts get all over you, cause that's what happened to my friend and as we speak he still hasn't budge. Same place, same position. He'll read this and probably think that I've gone mad, but no.

Always remember that, the little things you know may be of good help to someone else out there. Life's a learning process and the more steps you take, the more lessons you'll learn. Your work might not be everyone's cup of tea but it'll surely be someone else's treasure.


The web is overcrowded with  better sites. Really?

Though I completly agree that the web is overcrowded, I do not take it an excuse. Yes there are lots of websites, but

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they are definetly not equal. The web is so big and versatile that, there's always a space for someone to fit in. Some are better than other, some make more money than others, some look nicer than others.

I'll personally advice you, never to judge yourself, let others do it and that way you'll know better where you stand. The minute you start making excuses, failure is just waiting to happen. Afterall, nothing is this world is very new, things are just transformed and made in different ways, that's all. What makes you think your site will not be one of those best ones?


What's holding you back

Are you like my friend? do you have projects and ambitions? do you wanna build your website/blog but feel shy about it? do you think you aren't good enough? I want to hear from you… What's holding you back?

I might not be the best teacher, but one thing I know for sure is that whatever you do with passion will at some point deliver the results. It might not be straight away, it could take days, months, or even years but you'll eat the fruit of you hard work. Be realistic with the goals you set for yourself!

If you think this post was of great use to you, I will like to hear from you. If you were thinking of building you blog or website and thought that wans't a good idea, I hope that this post will inspire you and give you the courage to start it now.

Simply go Here and start setting up your blog now. Visit This Page for blog/website hosting ideas. If you're not too sure about whether you should build a website or set-up a blog, I'll advice you to Go Here….Also make sure that, you vite my other pages as there are lots of informations that need digested and will contribute to your success.



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