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What Musical Instruments Should You Learn?

Posted on the 06 March 2015 by Audiocred @audiocred

If you’re looking for a new hobby to occupy you, then you should think about learning a musical instrument. This can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding hobbies ever. And you never know, it might even lead into a career path later in life. There are so many different instruments you can choose to learn, and it’s often difficult to know where to begin.

Your choice might depend on your reasons for learning. If you harbor a desire to be a rock star, it’s unlikely you’ll want to learn the harp. Pick an instrument that best suits what you want to get out of it. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.



One of the most popular instruments to learn around the world is the guitar. It has gone through many different evolutions over the years but remains a cultural icon in many nations. The guitar symbolises the essence of rock and roll and if you’re interested in becoming a musician this might be the best way. You can get electric guitars or acoustic guitars, each serves a different purpose and produce a different sound. You’ll also have the option to earn bass guitar though this is rather different.


The piano is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. In fact, some of the most beautiful songs and pieces of music ever were written on a piano. Many pianos produce different sorts of sounds. For instance, a Markson has a much more acoustic sound to it than a lot of others. A piano allows you to play classical music and contemporary music as well. You could play piano in a rock band, for instance. And indeed, many of the world’s biggest rock musicians are accomplished pianists.


If you are young and angry, there’s no better way to channel your aggression than by playing drums. Being able to pound something on a regular basis is a healthy way of extracting anger and emotion. In fact, this is the essence of music. So in many ways, drums are the purest form of musical expression. The only drawback you’ll have with learning drums is that drum kits can be huge. They often take up a lot of space, and they’re much noisier than a guitar so prepare for the neighbours complaining!


Violin is a great instrument to learn. You can get ahold of them for a fairly cheap price. And the great thing is they give you the option of playing classical or modern music. Violin’s also look fantastic and have a lush stringed sound it’s difficult to find with another type of instrument. For a more elegant, civilised instrument a violin is the best option to go with. You could also pick the viola, the slightly larger alternative with a deeper sound.


If you’d like to learn an instrument that’s a little more elegant and unusual you could do a lot worse than the flute. The flute is a woodwind instrument though it doesn’t contain a reed. It can be one of the most difficult instruments to learn, but is often one of the most fulfilling. Flutes often play a popular role in brass bands and orchestras due to their distinctive acoustics. If you’re looking for something a little different try learning the flute.

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