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What Might You Be Missing? People Skills

By Shawnaschuh

Domesticated goose in Bohoniki.

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Yesterday in sharing about my goose Gabby, I realized how curious I am about her, how much I can learn if I watch and get still with her.


This is not an easy task for me – I’m used to dogs that come running up to get attention – especially one we call “The Velcro Dog” because he sticks himself to your leg and it takes effort to peel him off.


Even the goat is excited to see me and smell my breath and get strokes and loves.


Usually I move fast also, work demands it and I like it so I’m quick to think and respond, to move and to do.


Gabby the goose on the other hand is standoffish and slow moving. She honks up a storm when she sees me in greeting however she likes to approach a person in her own time frame and doesn’t like to be rushed or touched unless it’s her idea.


If you call her by name she’ll stop and turn her head sideways at you to stare at you with only one blue eye as she sizes you up and decides if you’re okay. She spends considerable time looking at you which is a bit unnerving.


Once when I approached her with a hat on, she immediately turned away in fright and I realized she didn’t recognize me under the hat.


All of these things teach me patience and calm. To move in a new and slower rhythm and to be aware of all the bodies around me because the one with only two legs can easily get pushed over by a four legged dog or goat.


Good lessons for life. Good lesions in patience so good lessons for me.


Today as you go about your day, who could you approach in a more relaxed way? Who might be relieved to have you calm down and really engage with them? Who might you be missing because they have a slower style than you?


Can you slow down a bit today and see who you can learn from or know better?


Remember, you create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna


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