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What Metaphysical Affirmations Are, and Why They Work!

By Rohan @rohanforsale

Daily-Positive-Affirmations.I-believe-in-myself-and-my-abilitiesFor two years I had two warts on my right hand, one on my index finger and one on my pinkie. Then suddenly, about a year ago, over the course of a couple of days they both shrunk, dried up and disappeared. And they never came back. I was mystified by this! Why on Earth did my warts, the little guys I’d gotten so used to, who I’d simply accepted as having forever unless I decided to one day get them removed, disappear all of a sudden?! For days I wondered what caused the change, was it my diet, my routine? And then I realized something, at this time I was doing affirmations for acne. I had a bit of acne on my back at the time and so I was using affirmations to treat it. So I decided to check the causes and affirmations for both acne and warts.


Causes - Not accepting or disliking the self

Affirmation - I am a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself where I am right now


Causes - Little expressions of hate. Feeling or believing you are ugly

Affirmation - I am the love and the beauty of life in full expression

So you can see the close similarity in both the cause and the affirmation of these two skin problems. As I was writing out a page per day of acne affirmations I had inadvertently cured my warts because the theme is so similar! With affirmations I’ve also cured chronic nausea, ingrown toenails, psoriasis and more.

I’m sure this sound pretty bizarre and implausible to some of you, that we can heal physical ailments by changing our thought processes, but I assure you that affirmations have a sound biological foundation as well as a philosophical one. We know from the study of Stoic Philosophy that our beliefs and perceptions, the opinions we form, determine how we feel about given situation. For example if I get dumped and I think “This shouldn’t happen, this is the greatest tragedy of all time, I am a loser, I am worthless” I would feel much worse than if I thought and believed that ”These things happen, it’s not what I wanted but it’s not the end of the world, and it’s reflection on my sense of self worth”. So we know that our thought processes, the things we tell ourselves, have a profound effect on our emotional state, on how we feel. But does that really mean that our thought processes can effect out physical bodies? According to leading American Developmental Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton it does!

This is going to get a little technical and scientific here so don’t say I didn’t warn ya


Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr Bruce H. Lipton is a respected American Developmental Biologist who explains the biological rationale behind the metaphysical theory of perception based healing of physical symptoms. Dr Lipton has written and given talks extensively on the subject of what he calls ‘The Biology of Perception’. Dr Lipton was involved in ground-breaking stem cell research over 45 years ago. What he discovered during his trials and experiments was that when he placed an embryonic stem cell into a petri dish it began to multiply. From one single cell to two, to four, to eight and so on until after a significant period of time thousands of cells were present in the dish and multiplying all the time. Because all these cells came from the same parent they were all genetically identical cells.

In order to take this experiment further Dr Lipton divided the cells into three different petri dishes, all exposed to different external environmental stimuli, also known as different culture mediums. The results were astounding. The cells in the first dish formed muscle cells, the cells in the second formed bone and the cells in the third petri dish formed fat cells. Dr Lipton was astonished and perplexed, all the cells were genetically identical and yet when they were divided into groups and exposed to different environmental factors they developed in radically different ways. Until this point it was long believed that it was our genes that determined how cells would form and what traits they would possess. Hereditary gene theory was at this point unchallenged, the idea that we are born a certain way, with certain traits built into our genes, which would be the sole determining factor in how our biology develops and what illnesses we will be susceptible to during our lifetime.

According to the old theory these stem cells should not have reacted to their environment in the way that they did, but should instead be forming into different cells based on their predetermined genetic code. However it was the cells interaction with their environmental culture medium that lead to the activation of the genes, and not hereditary predetermination. Over the next 45 years Dr Bruce Lipton continued and developed his research culminating in what he calls the ‘Biology of Belief’.

The Biology of Belief works like this; the cells in our body, of which there are around fifty trillion, work just like the ones living in the petri dishes described earlier. They react to the factors present in the culture medium that they are exposed to, which in the case of the human body is our blood. The composition of our blood, our cells’ culture medium, is determined by the chemicals formed in the brain which make their way into our blood stream. So what exactly determines the chemical concoction that flows from the brain to the blood? The answer is our perception of our physical environment and circumstance. The way we view our situation, the opinions we hold about our life, causes our nervous system to release chemicals; neuropeptides, hormones, growth factors and so on, into our brain thus determining the compound of chemicals released from the brain to the blood stream. The cells in our body then react to this chemical stimulus in the blood stream in deciding how they will form, divide, grow and mutate.

So to make long story short our perception of the things that occur to us, the events in our life, our beliefs and opinions have a direct correlative effect on our physical biology! Here’s a simple flow chart:

Step 1: An event occurs >

Step 2: We form an opinion about the event >

Step 3: The opinion causes an emotional reaction >

Step 4: The emotional reaction determines what chemicals will be released into the blood stream >

Step 5: The chemical makeup of our bloodstream determines how our cells mutate and multiply!

Now have a think about this for a second, what part of that chain of events do we have direct control over? That’s right, step 2! We have direct control over the opinions and perceptions we choose to form about the things that happen to us in our lives. We can change our beliefs, which change our emotional state which in turn changes how our physical body functions.

A Metaphysical Affirmation is simply the practice of replacing a destructive and untrue thought process with a constructive and true one. This is done through repetition, either writing it down or saying it in your mind. Eventually by sheer brute force the positive message becomes the prevailing one and we see the change in the bodily symptom.

Affirmations are free and easy and well worth checking out for those who have long standing issues that seem to just never go away.

As always thanks for reading! Have you had success using affirmations?

All the best



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