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What Makes BITSAT More Competitive Than JEE Advanced? Comparative Analysis

Posted on the 02 February 2018 by Ssankarr

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test is conducted for admissions in various courses offered by BITS in its Campuses in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. The examination has gained prominence since it was first introduced in 2005. As per the statistics, the exam has proven to be even more competitive than IIT JEE, known to be targeted by every aspirant, willing to pursue a career in engineering or secure admissions in the prestigious IITs.

The online registrations for admission in BITS Pilani Campuses have already started from December 19 th 2017 and the last date to apply for the exam is March 13 th, 2018. All the aspiring candidates can book test dates and slots from March 23 rd till April 5 th, 2018. BITSAT 2018 is scheduled to be held from May 16-31, 2018.

Now, comparison of BITSAT with JEE shows the popularity of the former among students and the fact that it is being compared with the most reputed exam of the country itself shows its prominence.

In this article, we will be doing a comparative analysis of the competition level between the two exams.

JEE attracts a lot of aspirants every year. But according to the trends, BITSAT has overtook JEE. The number of candidates appearing for JEE has now started to decrease. In 2016, 12.5 lakh candidates appeared for the exam while in 2017 approximately 12 lakh candidates appeared for it. Other than this, the number of seats for JEE exam have also been increasing over the years.

On the other hand, BITSAT has seen a constant increase in the number of appearing candidates over the years while the number of seats available has remained constant at 2,000. In 2016 and 2017, more than 2 lakh candidates appeared for the BITS exam. So, with the increasing number of candidates and constant seats, BITSAT has become more competitive than JEE.

The exam pattern of both the exams also make BITSAT more competitive and tough than JEE Advanced. JEE exam is spread over three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The total number of questions in the exam are 90, objective type questions and the composite time for the exam is 3 hours.

BITSAT exam, on the other hand is spread over four sections- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. The exam has a total of 150 objective questions and the total time for the exam is same as JEE exam i.e. 3 hours.

This clearly indicates that the candidates get lesser time to solve questions in BITSAT. As the number of questions to be solved in the same time is more in this exam, it is more difficult for the candidates to crack it as compared to JEE.

English Language and Level of Difficulty

JEE does not have any test to check the candidates' proficiency in the English language while BITSAT has a section to test the same, making it tougher for the candidates who do not hold a good command on English Language.

Other than that, the difficulty level of the questions asked in BITSAT is either same or higher than JEE.

The above analysis show that BITS Aptitude Test has become more popular among candidates seeking admissions in engineering courses and many candidates are opting for it over IIT JEE. This has made the exam more competitive than JEE. Trends suggest that on an average, 100 students compete for a single seat in BITSAT while the average number of candidates for JEE is 47. This shows that BITS conducted Aptitude Test has outclassed various exams and has become one of the popular and highly competitive exams.

What Makes BITSAT More Competitive than JEE Advanced? Comparative Analysis

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