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What Make Jamaica Vacations So Awesome

By Raffeeq @vacationisles
What Make Jamaica Vacations So Awesome  The island of Jamaica is one of the top places in the Caribbean to spend your holidays. Naturally Jamaica vacations are all about great fun activities, amazing adventures and lovely opportunities for romance. This Caribbean territory is often referred to as “The Land of Wood and Water.” However, the island’s music has and continue to make it force to reckon with when is comes to Reggae Music in all its forms. Moreover, Jamaica sporting talents have allowed the country to create make friends while being envied and even chastised by many critics. On the contrary Jamaicans are some of the friendliest group of people in the Caribbean region and is a place that vacationers enjoy for its beauty and many different opportunities to relax in a tropical Caribbean setting. 
Choosing one of the many Jamaica vacations can be a challenging task because there are some many lovely destinations you can visit.  The north coast of the island is littered with lovely resorts and hotels for all forms of vacations. Four of the top destinations on the island include Negril, Runaway Bay, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. These destinations are the most popular in the island. However, there are other destinations such as Kingston, Port Antonio, Mandeville, Falmouth, and Lucea that provide great options for visitors to enjoy themselves in the country. Moreover, you will find that most of these destinations have different vacation opportunities. The destination of Negril is an excellent romantic vacation option with its spectacular sunset while Ocho Rios is a place that will allow visitors to have some wonderful time visiting some lovely natural attractions. Port Antonio is also a lovely destination for Eco-Tourism attractions. You will find the destinations of Kingston and Mandeville are two lovely places to visit for any form of vacation that is based on educational requirement. Montego Bay and Runaway Bay are great destinations for golf vacations. Jamaica vacations are awesome in these lovely destinations.
You may be asking what are some of the activities that the Caribbean vacation destination provide. Well, the activities are many. There are great opportunities to climb amazing waterfalls, go scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, enjoy a wide variety of Jamaican delicacies, enjoy some wonderful live musical entertainment which can sometime be local and international and just relaxing one of the many lovely white sand beaches all around the island. The Dunn’s River Falls in one of the main attractions on the island. The is located in the destination of Ocho Rios. It is one of the top waterfall attractions in the world and is a place that must be visited when you are the island. Another of the island top water is the Y.S. Falls which is not as attractive as the Dunn’s River Falls, but it has its own unique features that many will love. This waterfall will allow you to enjoy some hiking opportunities. Jamaica vacations are excellent to enjoy waterfall adventures. 
What Make Jamaica Vacations So AwesomeHorse riding is another wonderful activity you can engage in while visiting the island. There are amazing opportunities to go horseback riding through the along the many lovely beaches, through the coconut and banana plantations. The Blue Mountains is one of the places that provides great hiking opportunities. This mountain in one of the highest points in the Caribbean.  There are also excellent opportunities to enjoy canopy tours which are really great for the adventurous visitors. Moreover, there are some lovely Great Houses in the north coast of the island with some amazing stories that will certainly capture your imaginations.  Two of the top plantations you will want to visit include the Mandeville Appleton Estate and the Belvedere Estate which is located close to Negril. These are some lovely Jamaica vacations option that are just waiting for you to discover.
The Blue Lagoon is a lovely place to go swimming on the island. Moreover, Dolphin Cove which is one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios is a wonderful place to go swimming with dolphins.  In addition, the Mystic Mountain Adventure Park is another of the amazing attractions in Ocho Rios.  This attraction provides amazing slides and riding through the rainforest that are just awesome experiences. Although there are opportunities to go snorkeling and scuba diving in Negril, Montego Bay and Port Antonio these adventures are less attractive than that some of the top destinations in the Caribbean because of the many hurricanes and man made destruction over the years.  However, Port Royal which is located in the capital of Kingston provide some spectacular underwater attractions. This location is a city that sunk due to a major earthquake late in the seventeenth century. Jamaica vacations offer some great options to enjoy wonderful natural attractions.
What Make Jamaica Vacations So AwesomeWhen is come to activities in and around the different resorts that are many great options to choose. The island is a place where you can go cliff jumping along the sea. This activity is done in Negril. You will find that there are resorts that offer amazing water park attractions. These resorts can be found in Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios and are wonderful places for family vacations. Moreover, you will find some lovely adults only all inclusive resorts which can be found in Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, and Runaway Bay. Some of the activities you will enjoy at the different resorts include golf, tennis, beach volleyball and soccer, windsurfing, kayaking, water-skiing, jet-skiing, knee-boarding, boating, and canoeing to name a few. You will find many of the resorts having excellent massage, spa treatment facility, wedding, conference and banquet facilities. There also some great family vacation resort options on the island. Jamaica vacations are great ways to enjoy lovely water sports activities.
The ethnic composition of the population of Jamaica is spread amongst African which is the largest, followed by the East Indians, Chinese, European and Arabic. Although these ethnic group original languages are different the main language spoken in Jamaica is English.  In fact, the island has the language English speaking population in the Caribbean region. However, the African descendant has created a version of the English language which is Known as Patio. This is a popular language spoken by many located Jamaican. Moreover, there are many resorts on the island which give visitors the opportunity to learn some of the different slangs and words in the Jamaican Patio. This is often a great source of entertainment because of the amusing ways some words are pronounced.  Jamaica vacations can really be a source of entertainment when you learn to communicate in a few of the many slangs and words used by the locals.
There are many lovely historic landmarks on the island. The Port Royal underwater city attraction is one of the great places to visit. There is also the Bob Marley Museum which is another important landmark that is popular amongst visitors as well. The two universities in the island capital of Kingston are important places to visit. These locations are where most of the island top athletes train to become world champions in their races. Moreover, there are also places like the Devon House, Fort Charles along with the many Great House that are great places to visit.  Moreover, there are the various craft markets that are lovely places to purchase unique Jamaica memorabilia. These are all great things to enjoy when visiting the island.  
Jamaica is one of the Caribbean countries that knows how to make its visitors happy. It is a place that will allow you to enjoy wonderful times in a tropical surrounding. Jamaica vacations are filled with exciting activities, amazing attractions and friendly people. This is a place that you are guaranteed a wonderful time when you visit the Caribbean.

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