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What Lies Behind & What Lies Before Are Tiny Matters Compare to What Lies Within us.Continued…

Posted on the 11 September 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist


Life is all about making choices and choice you making today will impact your tomorrow. Hence make your choice after thinking a lot. This you may have heard many times but have you heard how to make these choices. Difficult question but very simple answer. The Situation comes with its own answers. Think this way if your friend is in such situation what you will recommend to him. Isn’t it interesting.

We usually make wrong choices for you own but you give best suggestions to others. Why it happens??? is it now making you disturbed. No need to be stressed because you know that when we deal with a situation we get involved into it so much that we get stressed more with the result of outcome of your next step. So now you are more worried about the next step rather the current situation and hence you fall prey to this wrong decision making.

The best way to get rid of this wrong decision making is by coming out of the situation and think. Any situation can not be bigger than you. And hence if you think you are bigger than a situation you are already out of the situation. Leaving things which lies behind you and wasting for things ahead you is just nothing in front what you have inside.

Because from Inside we build a situation BIG and some situations a tiny one. Follow the path which is guided by inner voice. The Inner voice is God, Allah, Bhagwan or whatever name you want to give to it. It is quiet easy to blame external forces for your failure but in my view only thing which can be blamed for your failure is YOU…

Distressing and uneasy isn’t it I am not blaming but making you realise that at that point of time you missed to hear your internal voice and hence you should blame yourself for the failure. Because if you would have heard your inner feelings you would have came out of the situation long ago. Hence remember this quote well said before and here after that What lies Behind you and what lies behind ahead is tiny in front of what lies within you. Keep enriching your inner self to make it enlightened, nurtured and  fertile. Because this inner you is going to help you come out of your past or worries of future. Don’t Worry be Happy. Worrying not is easy but being happy is difficult so concentrate on being Happy rather on worry free.

Worry free Happy life is the only way to be Successful. We have only thing in hand that is life. Concluding this topic I must say that no one can teach you how to live. You only can teach yourself.





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