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What Kind of Travel Mate Fits You?

By Hendra @tukangminggat

1. Super Model


Taking self pics every where, one spot with thousand angles and thousand styles. Go from a place, take self picture, move to another place, take another picture. If you are ready to travel with this kind of traveler, you are so ready to become their private photographer.

2. Photographer Pro


They take pictures every where too, but you will rarely find them selves on the frame. Yup, beaches, mountains, alleys, cultures, people, animals, plants are the object. Just be patience, when you need to spend more time to let them getting their best shoots.

3. Grumbler

The food tastes suck, the room is dirty, the view is so-so, the beach is lame, the show is boring, I got this scenery on my backyard, the locals are rude, the bla-bla is dooh-dooh. They will complain everything they meet during the trip. Nothing can entertain them.

4. Loner


No matter, whether they are with their friend, or they are solo traveler, they will avoid the crowd. Instead of hanging out with the other, they will remain in the room, or they will go somewhere without companion. Instead of socializing with locals, they will just have a conversation with their beers in the corner of no where.

5. Soc-Med Butterfly


Don’t worry to lose any update from this kind of travel mate. Every single inch of  their movement from one to other place, every food their eat, every place they visit, every new people they meet, every shitty thing they experience, every souvenir they buy, you will easily find out. Add them on FB and like their fanpage, follow them on Twitter, Path or Instagram. Subscribe them on Youtube and you can get the hottest issue about them.

6. Clown

Traveling with these guys will make you forget how many days you are actually spending when traveling. What you just realize is, you meet them, the trip is on, you laugh with them, you have fun at the place, and suddenly the trip is over. Yup, this clown type of traveler will never let you down, getting bored or daydreaming. They never run out of jokes and silly acts to make you enjoy the holiday.

7. Travel Organizer

If you travel with these kind of guys, your holiday will run happily ever after. They will sincerely arrange the itinerary, the budget, things to bring, what to wear, inform the DOs and DONTs, the transport to take and etc. All you have to do is following the plan and preparing the budget as told. Trust me, they know better than any tour operator, since they might do the survey in months or even in a year prior!

8. Mr. “I Don’t Care, I just Want to Spend My Holiday”


This is the ideal travel mate you want to have. They don’t mind the itinerary, they don’t care how messed the hostel is, they don’t care if they have to walk for hours to reach a place, they don’t care if they have to sleep at the airport, they don’t care if they have to eat street foods. What they really care is, they have their holiday and no body tries to mess it.

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