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What It Was Like to Cloth Diaper Me!

By Craftycrunchymama
I was born in the year 1985 and my parents cloth diapered me from birth. I found a few pictures of me in cloth and I decided to ask my parents what it was like to cloth diaper in the 80's. I interviewed both my mom and dad separately- enjoy!

What it Was Like to Cloth Diaper Me!

Taking a nap in my cloth.

Do you remember cloth diapering me?
Mom: Yes, but I was still in school. I did not enjoy it, it was too much work.
Dad: Yes, I was the one that changed you.
Why did you decide to cloth diaper me?
Mom:  It cost a lot less money and I was only 15 and had no money.
Dad: Because we were young and we had no money. I always thought it was better but mainly because we were poor.
Do you remember what type of diaper you used?
Mom: Nope, Grandma got them.
Dad: They were the kind that were thicker in the middle and thin on the outside. They were big...when you were first born we had to fold them a million times to fit your tiny hiney in there. We got them at Kmart or Jamesway.

What it Was Like to Cloth Diaper Me!

My in a cloth diaper with my Mom.

Did you have to pin them?
Mom: Yes...ugh! And rubber pants to put over them.
Dad:  Yes. They didn't have Velcro back then...sheesh! Did I ever stick you? Yes. And we used rubber pants too.
Do you remember how you washed them?
Mom: In the washer. We had to put them in the toilet to rinse the poop out. It was gross.
Dad:  In the washing machine with a powder soap. A whitening kind made for diapers.
Now that you've seen the new cloth diapers that I use, would you consider using them?
Mom: Yup, I would. They are so much easier.
Dad:  I'm too lazy to wash. I would want a diaper service if I did.
I love the fact that my parents cloth diapered me. I gathered that they main reason they did so was because they didn't have a lot of money. They were really young when I was born! Cloth diapering is a great option for people with financial difficulties. There was no way my parents could have afforded disposables!
I feel a connection to my parents because I am cloth diapering my son, just as they did me. I even use the kind that "is thick in the middle and thinner on the outside" (prefolds)  once in a while. It was really fun to ask them these questions. I hope you enjoyed it too!

What it Was Like to Cloth Diaper Me!

You can really see the rubber pants here

What it Was Like to Cloth Diaper Me!

Outside learning to walk in my diaper

What it Was Like to Cloth Diaper Me!


What it Was Like to Cloth Diaper Me!

Ahhh the 80's!

Were you cloth diapered? Have you asked your parents about it? I would love to hear!

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