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Truffula Trees Matching Activity

By Craftycrunchymama

Truffula Trees Matching Activity
Baby J has been enjoying the movie The Lorax lately so we've been doing some activities that go along with his interest. The first activity we did was a matching game with paper truffula trees and multi colored craft pom poms. If you're a craft hoarder like me, you probably have the items needed for this on hand.
- Multi colored paper for the tops of the trees
- Yellow paper for the tree trunks
- Pom Poms that coordinate with the paper color you choose
- Glue or glue dots
The hardest part was cutting out the tops of the trees.
Truffula Trees Matching Activity
After I cut out the tops, I outlined them with a black Sharpie to make them look more cartoonish and drew circles on for the matching part. You can then either use glue or glue dots to stick the pom poms to the trees. I started with glue but switched to glue dots because Baby J wasn't getting the glue in the circles.
Truffula Trees Matching Activity  
He wasn't very interested in doing the activity as planned. It was way more fun to dump out the pom poms and make a tower with the cups.
Truffula Trees Matching Activity
So I went ahead and finished it and taped it to our front door. He has a lot of fun showing people the Truffula trees that "he made".
Truffula Trees Matching Activity

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