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What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry

I have been dealing some health realities as of late.  The symptoms are actually somewhat intermittent; there are times when my symptoms whisper, and times when they seem to be screaming at me to take notice.  Over the past few months, they’ve been screaming.  On my journey to health, I have deduced that I likely have a few food intolerance issues.  I do not have blatant food allergies(yet) but I am worried that is exactly where I am headed.  My body has been showing warning signs (eczema, rosacea, itchy red skin, mood swings and severe PMS, irritability, low-energy, foggy mind, and joint pain).  If I were my client, I would be coaching around the reality that food is likely at the root of these symptoms.  I have proven that reality for myself when I have omitted the offenders – yet I go back to those foods, and I pay the price.  The price is getting more costly every time.

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

A Cup of Coffee Won’t Cure This One

Practicing HAES principles makes my next steps a bit more tricky…  or does it?  The first word in the movement’s acronym is, “Health”.  Health is as uniquely defined as the individual defining it, especially when it comes to nutrition.  Understanding ”nourishment” in terms of food is an ongoing process, and as much as I keep hoping I can find static way of eating that doesn’t fail - life keeps showing me that’s just not realistic.  Many studies indicate that food allergies can develop at any time in life - often people don’t realize that the symptoms they are experiencing are food allergies and doctors just don’t make money prescribing food.  I understand pretty clearly which foods result in feeling better, yet I often choose to ignore my body’s needs in an effort to soothe my emotions.  Put simply; it feels good in the moment (aka) I want what I want when I want it…

I know which foods my body is reacting to, and in the past I’d go to the extreme by cutting out every possible thing for a set amount of time -  subsequently feel deprived, and then end up binging on those foods.  I am really going to focus on the idea that no food is bad(this is easier for a food intolerance rather than an allergy – where the consequences can be life threatening) and pay attention to how I feel when I have a little – or when a little is too much of something.  There may be times when I still choose to eat something because I want to partake in the celebration, or enjoyment of that food – and that’s okay.  I will pay a price, but I can judge for my own body what feels worth the consequences.  The goal is moderation and self-care.  If I am truly tuned into my body, and I want to FEEL good - then I will pay attention to its signals.  Listening to my body is the hardest thing of all to do.  Years of yo-yo dieting, counting calories, weighing and measuring, etc. all conditioned me to ignore my own intuition.  Trusting our bodies’ physiological cues is probably the most essential skill we can re-learn on our journey to better health.

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?


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