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What is Change? How to Fix It.

By Shivam Ralli @shivamralli167
"People fear things- one of that is change."That's it. Throughout the generations people have feared change- because it's unpredictable. They think that it's not coming- but it comes.
They don't act unless some external force (as in Napoleon) compelled them to change or be subdued.Only the people who make an effort- change, and that too can't completely reform. "Change is necessary- because it is mostly for the greater good."Okay. Maybe not. Change, sits mostly between good and bad. It's a neutral force- which is maybe the strongest force.
People are like inertia:
The vis insita, or innate force of matter, is a power of resisting by which everybody, as much as in it lies, endeavours to preserve its present state, whether it be of rest or of moving uniformly forward in a straight line.- Newton.They just simply fear it. They have a hope in their hearts that they will continue to live, and nothing bad will happen to them in their lifetime. What is Change? How to fix it.People fear change in another form. When someone the love/like/friends with change their behavior and don't seem to care about them.Imagine:“ Suppose you have a crush on a girl/boy, you both love to talk with each other. But, one day that person sends you a text that you have changed. You are faced with an internal turmoil. You don’t know what to do. You think that I never changed- I just opened up. But, it’s not always what the other person thinks.”
Change in this scenario can be devastating. People are left with a void to conquer and fix.Change if seen from the one perspective can be good and bad from other. The best way to know if a change is good or bad is by checking from which perspective is it more good than bad. That’s the change a person should get.
So, the next type of change aside from moving forward change or behavior change is the un-intentional change.Suppose you are good friends with a person. But when you make a better friendship with another person you forget their friendship. This is an unintentional change.”
After all, people don’t want to leave the company of a person. But when that other person steps in- it completely blows you away, making you feel that the company of this new person is way nice than the other person and you find the chat with the first friend boring and dull, compared to your other friend.
Thus, Change in a nutshell can be devastating. It harms the human race and the lives of people. But, it can turn out to be good too, giving you better personality than before. Giving you better friends than before. Or in all the effect of change depends on the future. No one knows if the change which is taking place will be for good or worse.
“Change is inevitable. It has to happen eventually- better not to force it back down”Hope you found this article good.
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