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Letter #1

By Shivam Ralli @shivamralli167
Hey love,
We didn't talk much today and I wasn't able to compete the message I sent yesterday nor I was able to reply to your wonderful message yesterday.
Girl, I love you from the bottom of my heart and no one else is gonna take your place there.
That's a promise I intend to keep.
So, there are many things I wanna share with you, from fantasies to memories. From dreams to reality.
Every single thing I have is yours, hon. I want to share every single moment of my life with you.
For this message, I would like to share a simple fantasy with you.
' It was a cold winter morning with fog and zero visibility outside.
You are sitting on am antique sofa with a circular glass table in between which is kept on an old carpet which looks regal and every other furnishing is made of wood with yellow lights surrounding you.
The heat from the fire place is keeping us warm and the red and white striped sweater you are wearing is long for you and the sleeves come up to your knuckles.
You have a cup of cocoa in your hand and the other one is interlocked with mine. That's how we spend the night. "
I love this fantasy and hope that this comes true.
I love you hon, from the bottom of my heart and I want to with you forever.
~ Till The End. Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter

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