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What is a 'Crunchy Parent'?

By Craftycrunchymama
What is a 'Crunchy Parent'?I was having a conversation with a friend lately about crunchy parenting and it made me realize that not everyone knows what 'crunchy' is. I know that before I was pregnant and started all of my research, I had no idea.
The word 'crunchy' stems from a health food movement that took place in the sixties. People that ate healthy foods such as granola and who also cared about the earth (aka hippies) were referred to as "crunchy granola".
Being a crunchy parent is an extension of being a crunchy person. If you identify yourself as a 'crunchy parent' today there is a list of things that are expected lifestyle choices. It is a lot more than just eating healthy and recycling, though I do enjoy a good bowl of granola! Some of these things include:
1.) Not vaccinating or delayed vaccination
2.) Eating organic foods
3.) Not circumcising
4.) Practicing baby led weaning (no jarred food)
5.) Baby wearing
6.) Breastfeeding
7.) Co sleeping
8.) Homeschooling/unschooling
9.) Using non-toxic cleaning products
10.) Using non-toxic beauty products
11.) Choosing natural remedies over medicinal
12.) Cloth diapering, mama cloth, and family cloth
13.) Home birthing and/or natural birthing
Not all crunchy parents identify with every one of these things (I know I don't) but I think the underlying theme in all of these items is healthy living. Crunchy parents do their best to provide the healthiest environment for their children. They do lots of research and come up with what works best for their family.
Honestly, I think there is a bit of crunch in each of us.
If my parenting journey were to be compared to granola I would have to say I would have been a little raw when I first started. I wasn't even going to consider co sleeping and didn't even know what baby wearing was. I did my research and found both of these things to be an integral part of my parenting style and a real benefit to my relationship with Baby J.
I am learning so much as I go.
Right now, as granola, I would probably still be a little undone. There are some things on the above list that I am working toward and some that I will never do, and that's OK. Everyone's situation is different, but I consider myself mostly crunchy and that works for me!
*As a side note, Daddy J is a crunchy daddy. He is actually passionate about some of the things I am more relaxed on, such as vaccination. As a couple we really round each other out. I am so thankful for him! We discuss a lot and come up with solutions that make us both happy.
Is there something you would add to the list? Where do you fall on the crunchy scale?
I would love to hear your thoughts!

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