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What I Learned While Biking with My Dad

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Just because I run doesn’t mean I’m in biking shape! My dad, ex competitive biker, totally smoked me!

This was the view the ENTIRE ride!


Riding 2 rides in a day makes for a very sore butt!


I must go “off roading” to get better pictures.


And going “off roading” will lead to mosquito bites.


Riding over bridges on mile 6 is NOT a good idea! Way too much temptation.


Dinner will include a beer. Or two… Red Bridge gluten free beer totally saves the day after a tough bike ride.

Dinner will also include watermelon, veggies and baked chicken. Now I’m too stuffed to EVER think of biking again.


I feel so much better about eating the entire root beer float this afternoon.

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