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What Happens When the Sex-Y is Gone

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

I often wonder what senior couples do on a day-to-day basis.

Do they sit around watching tv all day?

Do you play “hide the dentures”?

Or are they still looking at ways to keep their marriage alive? 

What happens when the sex-y is gone?

senior couple

I actually did a lil bit of research on this one and found out that senior couples, a lot of them, are still engaging in sexual activity! Whoa! However, there are still those who are not, for whatever reasons, let’s just say …. the Sex-Y is Gone.

So what then? 

There are several types of Intimacy.Actually more than what I’ve listed below but these are the ones that interested me most.

  • Sexual  - yes, actual intercourse; yet so much more than the “act”. This includes sensual expression as well as a wide range of sensual activity.
  • Experimental – an intimacy of activity. It’s not a verbal sharing of words, it’s the act of  involving yourself in an activity and feeling intimate.
  • Emotional – being comfortable sharing your feelings with one another. Kind of like being in sync with one another and understanding one another’s emotional side.
  • Intellectual – Communication, the ability to share ideas with one another in a comfortable way.

So does this mean if a couple is no longer having actual intercourse, the marriage/relationship can survive based on other forms of intimacy?


What about a non-senior marriage/relationship? 

unhappy couple

After researching a bit on this subject as well, some studies show that a “sexless” marriage can survive yet these couples are found to be less happy than those who are actively engaging in sex.

However, other studies showed that due to circumstances pretty much beyond our control:

  • children
  • exhaustion
  • travel
  • different work schedules
  • etc

There are marriages, that appear to be “sexless” marriages, however the couples are still very happy due to other forms of intimacy they are engaging in. These are couples who may have sex one every six months to a year. It doesn’t mean, their marriage is doomed.

I guess what I take from this is, it really depends on your relationship. If both partners are content or happy with their sex-filled or somewhat “sex-less” life, it can last. Is either couple happier than the other, you know, studies will show that “sex-less” couples are less happy but imo who’s to judge one happiness?

Personally, I think any type of relationship

  • young
  • middle-aged
  • senior
  • sex-filled
  • sex-less

can survive, as long as both partners are in complete agreement with their intimacy level.

What are your thoughts?


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