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What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?..The Answer is Quite Simple!

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?..The Answer is Quite Simple!

My holiday tunes are blasting from my iPod and the song “What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas” is one of the songs stored under my holiday favorites. It’s a golden oldie from The Emotions.  The Emotions,  in my opinion they were one of the best female groups to ever grace this wonderful planet we call earth not to mention they hailed from the windy city.  The song talks about being single at Christmas and missing that special someone. It’s quite obvious that she is devastated by the turn of events that caused her to be single around the holiday. No one to kiss under the mistletoe, no yuletide carols to be song by the fire, and a silent night turns into a lonely night.

I’m what I like to call a professional single person and I’m quite content with being single at times, but for some, this time of year really sucks. I will admit that it’s not easy living the single life especially when you’re out and you see the couples out shopping and enjoying the many wonderful winter festivities. I think that people have the wrong misconception about being single because single doesn’t mean you’re lonely it simply means you’re not committed to anyone at the moment and being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re not lonely. You can be in a relationship and still feel very much alone.

Being single during the holidays is no different than being single any other time during the year. Yes, there’s the dreadful family gatherings where Aunt Sallie Pearl consistently asks why you’re still single and my absolute favorite why don’t you have kids yet? At some point, the questions start to get on your nerve  and you find yourself wanting to hit the nearest exit. Next, we have the people who are married and then try to give you advice on how to live the single life. The one comment that makes me mad is the ever so popular “you should abstain from sex until you’re married”. That’s quite easy to say when you have someone who can consistently fulfill those needs and I’m pretty sure the people telling you this indulged in sex before marriage. Last but not least, we have the people who try to give you advice but they have a long history of failed relationships……the last thing they should do is give anyone advice.

If you’re single and looking for great ways to spend your holiday, here’s some suggestions. Grab you’re other single friends and get-away. Go someplace close, go somewhere far, enjoy each other, see the sights, and have one hell of a good time. Treat yourself, buy something you’ve wanted for awhile, go to a spa, do something adventurous and meet new people. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter, local hospital, or where ever you choose. Dealing with people less fortunate then yourself helps you see yourself in a better light and you really do realize that there are far worse things in the world than being single.

Loneliness is a state of mind not a state of being, when you are truly happy alone it is then that happiness in the form of a relationship will find you. So the question is what do the lonely do at Christmas? The answer is simple, the same thing you do the other 364 days of the year. Love yourself more!

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