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What Users Are Saying About Us?

Posted on the 03 April 2011 by Sharelomer
What users are saying about us?It has been a few exciting months for us at, especially since we launched our private beta and got some traction from amazing people we really value their opinion.
Our company name is gr8ppl, and our passion is people, and the relationship between them...
When it comes to business, and personal brands, it's known that personal relationship with the right people to you can and is making a difference.
Some of our users wrote some good things about us, we are very proud of it :)
Users testimonials:
  • @TA_Vision: “Looking for the next great #SCRM tool? We're loving @commun_it to manage online leads. Imagine #hootsuite, but targeted for salesppl...” 
  •  What users are saying about us?(Source: )
  • Our DNA of personal relationship: "It was a genuine response instead of an auto-responder and it didn’t include a sales pitch. I was shocked, and it wasn’t until this point that I decided to check out his website" What users are saying about us? (Source:
  • A blog post from @rdempsey: "These are the tools that I currently use to help me make those important connections that I’m talking about: community management software (social CRM)", "I was talking about this today with Sharel Omer, the co-founder of, a social CRM application I am currently using to help connect with the people in my social networks.", "So far is very cool as it classifies followers based on interactions and much more.", “You guys are doing a great job at to help form and foster those relationships.” What users are saying about us? (Source:  )   
  • From our user @rdempsey : “Very cool stuff here in - I'm digging into the influencers. Great thing here - showed me someone that retweeted my post without using my name. How else would I know? That's freaking cool”
  • Users testemonials: "your sweet app" , "amazing company!", "I alrdy see somthing dfrnt & valuable #gr8ppl", "Playing around with - some info I don't get, but some of it I LOVE LOVE LOVE" (Source:

Following some requests from people who read this post, we added the following:What is our value in 2 tweets:
What users are saying about us?
What users are saying about us?
How do we do it in 2 tweets:What users are saying about us?What users are saying about us?
What users are saying about us?What users are saying about us?What users are saying about us?What users are saying about us?

More: "We enable our users to see history of relationships with people they tweeted with (build relationship). and give access to information that enables then to better manage the relationships on twitter."
What users are saying about us?
Live feed of testimonials:

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