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Why Business Owners Should Use Social Media in a More Personal Way?

Posted on the 16 May 2011 by Sharelomer

Broadcast marketing has its advantages, you can communicate your message to a large crowd, and over time, you will build brand awareness that will result in more business value...
However, more and more users on social media, learned to filter the noise, and focus on what matters to them...
Here are the facts:

  • "10% Of Twitter Users Account For 90% Of Twitter Activity" -
  • "Nearly half of all Twitter users don’t read a word you say." -

What does it mean to us?
That relationship building and online marketing is constantly changing to a more personalized way...
Mention a person, DM him, Engage with him on a personal level seems like a more productive way to reach your business goals online... however its not a scalable way... hopefully more and more tools will appear that will help business owners better engage their community on a more personal way :)Make sense?

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