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What Color Is Your Mood -

By Arianel
Hi Ladies! As you all know I'm not trying to blend in with everyone else around me- I like to have fun with colors- I know what colors look good on me and I wear them all the time! Colors are a picker upper, they restore my depleted energy and help me deal with stressful situations - 
Different colors have a huge impact on our moods sometimes without us even noticing the changes -
a2 Yellow  is the color of happiness, sunlight, laughter and optimism -Yellow has the power to bring out creativity -The right shade of yellow can lift your spirits and evokes friendliness-

Green  the color of nature - Green is calming and is associated with generosity and peace-

Blue is relaxing,  and it balances the mood -
Pink - There is a reason why the cells of some of the most dangerous criminals are painted pink, it has been shown to calm aggression - Pink evokes warmth and love -
Red is the symbol of energy and life- It evokes strength and power -

Purple is  the color associated with wisdom and sophistication -

So what color is your mood today ?
All my clothes were thrifted except for the Docs which I purchased retail 
Have a great weekend Ladies!
My follow up exam went well  at the hospitalGood old cervix is looking swell these days!

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