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What Catches Your Eye?

By Pattyhankins @PattyHankins

Sometimes when people see me out photographing, they ask me how I know when I’ve captured what I wanted in a photo. They’ll often see me try several compositions for a photo and then all of a sudden realize I’m done and ready to go look for something else.

Most of the time I do know which of the compositions I’ve photographed will be the one I share and often I even know which image I’ll be editing even before I download the photos from my camera. I know this because as I’ve composed my photo – I think about what it was that caught my eye as I looked at a scene. And by reviewing my photos in the field, I know I’ve got what I want.

I recently recorded a video that talks about how I use traditional photographic concepts to show what interested me as I took a photo and how I use them to share the beauty with others.

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What Catches Your Eye?

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