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New Photo: Graveyard Angel

By Pattyhankins @PattyHankins
Graveyard Angel © 2015 Patty Hankins

Graveyard Angel © 2015 Patty Hankins

I’ve recently added a new photo – Graveyard Angel – to my website.

From watching movies and reading books many of us have an image of Southern cemeteries as places with ornate statues on graves, dogwoods, azaleas and lots of Spanish Moss. When I was photographing in Savannah earlier this year, to my surprise I found a few cemeteries that looked  just like I imagined they would. Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah is probably the quintessential Southern cemetery, particularly in the older sections. I found incredible graves with statutory angels and since I was there in the spring, they were surrounded by blooming azaleas and dogwoods, with Spanish Moss hanging from the surrounding trees. I had a wonderful time photographing at Bonaventure Cemetery and look forward to heading back there again to see what else I can find.

Graveyard Angel is available as a matted print on my website.

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