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What Are You Actually Paying For?

By Golfrefugees
When you purchase a sports shirt from a leading brand for say $40, $60, $80 or more, where does your money actually go?
Polyester is cheap to make and with minimum labor costs in southern Asian countries such as
of only $80 per month for each garment worker; labour costs for your shirt is extremely low. They even don’t have to worry about any environmental costs in terms of air and water pollution, as these countries have little or no regulations. You could buy a similar shirt from the same factories for just a few dollars. A good slice of the price tag goes to pay the sponsorship wages of Tiger. Rory & Co. Do they really need your money, on top of appearance fees and tour earnings? Plus all of their advertisements and videos, which are expensive to produce and broadcast. If you want to print a logo on your inexpensive polyester sports shirt, just make sure it’s different from the official version. ----------------------------------------------------------

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