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What Are The Different Types Of Car Transport Trailers?

Posted on the 31 July 2019 by Infinity Trailers @InfinityTrailer

There are two different types of car carriers used for car transport service: open car transport trailers and enclosed car transport trailers. Open car trailers are best for saving money and time where as enclosed car carriers are suitable for antique or luxury vehicles to protect them from weather and road.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Transport Trailers?

(In this blog, we will discuss both types of car carriers in brief.)

Open Car Transport Trailers

Open car carriers or open car transport trailers are widely used in vehicle shipping service. These standard car shipping services are very much reliable and economical as well. There are three different types of open car trailers, they include:

  • Single vehicle trailer
  • Single level multi-car carrier
  • Multi-level multi-car carrier

Single vehicle trailer

Single vehicle trailer uses a mini dual-wheel truck to pull a goose-neck trailer. Transporting car by this trailer is reliable and economical for short-distance deliveries but not for long-distance shipments.

Single–level multi-vehicle haulers

The single-level multi-car haulers are very suitable for transporting multiple cars. These multi-car trailers easily deliver two to six vehicles such as small cars, RVs, small trucks, SUVs, etc. These conventional car trailers are extensively used for long-distance shipments.

Multi-level multi-car trailer

Multi-level multi-car trailer is the advanced level of Single–level multi-vehicle haulers. Basically, when car companies want to deliver the number of vehicles across the country then they use these trailers. There are different types of Multi-level multi-car trailers. These are 4 car trailer, 5 car trailer, etc.

Enclosed Auto Transport Trailers

Enclosed car transport carriers are fully covered trucks that protect vehicles from weather and road during transport. Similarly, these types of carriers are also split into three types.

  1. multi-level multi-car trailers
  2. single-level single-car trailers
  3. single-level multi-car trailers

Multi-level multi-car trailers

Multi-level multi-car trailers are majorly used to transport luxury, sports and classic cars. These car carriers are very efficient in comparison to the single-level single car carrier.

Single level single-car trailers

Single level single-car hauler trailers are generally used for short-distance transportation. Such trailers are suitable for luxury cars or when expedited shipment is required.

Single level multi-car trailers

Single level multi-car trailers are quite similar to the single level single-car trailers. These are generally used to ship more than one vehicles. Mostly, luxury and expensive cars are delivered by these car trailers.

Now you have learned about the two types of auto transport carriers and how they are different from each other. However, both auto trailers are extensively used by different car companies and also both are economical, safe and reliable too. You can select any one of them based on your requirements.

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