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What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer?

Posted on the 27 March 2018 by Infinity Trailers @InfinityTrailer

There are different types of trailers, each with its own benefits. But, which can the best among all if you need to transport vehicles?What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer?

Whether it’s single or a fleet of car, transporting all together can be a tough and risky job. There is a lot of factors that may harm the cars thus, endangering their safety. In such cases a strong and sturdy flatbed trailer can help a lot. They are specifically designed to perform such tasks. Flatbed trailers can easily handle the heavy loads of each vehicle and make the transportation process uncomplicated.

For its distinctive performance flatbed trailers are mostly preferred these days. The trailer are further categorized in three types: 4 car trailer, 5 car trailer, and 6 car trailer. So, let’s take a detailed look on the many benefits of flatbed trailers.

Aluminum Construction

Generally, flatbed trailers are either made of aluminum or steel body. However, trailers that are made of aluminum are the best. The frame and skin both must be built with aluminum. Most of the trailer owner prefer higher payload capacity and thus, aluminum construction is the best for performing such monstrous job. Aluminum construction also increases the durability of the trailers. With just a routine maintenance the owner of the trailer can prevent forming of rust and corrosion. What’s amazing is, due to the advantage of lightweight, fuel consumption dramatically reduces. This is a big relief for many trailer owners. With the help of aluminum made trailers you can achieve the extra mileage with greater profits.

The Independence Of Choosing

When it comes to flatbed trailers you can enjoy the independence of choosing. There are many features in a flatbed trailer, this means according to business you can get the appropriate carrier. You can upgrade the purchased trailer with the best quality of tires, winches and axle. Apart from these, there are some additional accessories too which can included in the trailer based on the requirements. It is suggested, when you choose to upgrade a trailer always consult with a professional trailer manufacturer in Texas.

Aluminum floor

Naturally, people may ask, how can aluminum be stronger than steel? Steel is known for its toughness and is one of the most efficient alloy of iron. What’s surprising is, the material that is used in the aluminum trailer is too, an alloy. The alloy has the same capability similar to a steel. It contains 95 percent of aluminum, and the other 5 percent include titanium, copper, zinc and chromium. However, in some alloy formations other metals has also been traced to purify or refine the properties and quality.

What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer? What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer? What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer? What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer? What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer? What Are The Different Components In A Car Hauler Trailer?

Pierce and roll

Pierce and roll system is commonly used in the construction of each car trailer. This process is generally used by airplane manufacturers. The technology provides great strength rivets into the aluminum, without fully piercing the roof’s skin. The technology forms a secured water-resistant crown around the bottom of every rivet which further helps to reduce water leakage.

Wiring harness

In a flatbed trailer all the wires are bundled inside a protective casing which is known as wiring harness. It provides a watertight seal thus, protecting the wire from severe wear and tear. Also, when you try to secure the vehicles on the bed, wire harness play a major role. Without the harness, the vehicles loaded on the ramps may come out of place due to intense jerking while driving on the way.


Some of the trailer feature aerodynamic v-noses. Their job is to reduce the wind drag and make the trailing more easy. Aerodynamic design of a trailer also looks great. Well, this design is only applicable for specific trailing needs.

Trailer winches

Trailer winches are a crucial aspect to load or unload vehicles on the loading platform. They are basically made from ratchet mechanism and cable. It has a handle on the ratchet which can be turned to control the tension of the winch cable. Winches are both available in manual and motorized formats.

Heavy duty tongue

The tongue of a trailer can be extended right to back of the camper door and is built for heavy-duty purpose. This offers great strength to the entire trailer and makes the towing safer.

Trailer jack

When you need to lift the trailer to a certain height while hitching or unhitching, a trailer jack becomes very important. They are also an important feature when you need to level the trailer while loading the vehicles. Some of the most common types of trailer jacks include: swivel jacks, A shaped jacks and drop leg jacks.

Sealed LED Lights

LED lights may seem not so important comparing the above features but they too has a vital role. Their job is to provide greater visibility and appears brighter than normal. Sealed LED lights are durable than there traditional counterparts.


Aluminum made trailer are great for long distance hauling. When you are looking to upgrade the features always consult your needs with a professional trailer manufacturer.

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