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What Am i to Do?

By Titu22
It did not matter, what you did,It did not matter , what you said,but now it truely matters, more than you can think.Peace is not what you say,peace is something that you make,that's why i always pray,so that i can make.A person who is not happy,he is a person who can nver have harmony,Happiness and harmony should company with each of our penny.we are the reason for our kamma, that is the true dhamma.we may proclaim to be brahma,but in reality our preformance shows the real dhamma,Every one wants to be free from suffering, but no one wants to lead the way to the liberated path of suffering.I was indeed in deep trust on you,but you dropped a boom and made a big blust,Now tell me whom am i to trust?And whom am i to crush?According to me there is no being, who does the deed,and there is no being who is truely to be blamed,What we truely need is to understand all without a blame.Things that we do without awareness,are the things that take us to danger,i am afraid that i can never avoid canker.because i am trapped by a marvalous love snare.By Titu barua

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