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Love is Life

By Titu22
You fool me every where,And now i think you should stop right there,this is something that i can not bear,but still i have to tear.
it's easy for you,because you knew that i believed you,i didn't expect anything from you,what i wanted is only rejected my soul,you rejected my goal, And now i am completely cool,
For everything that you told.if you can play with words,
you can play with soul ,
By that you will destroy other's true goal,And atlast everyone shall become bold.
if i see the past,i see only caste,And that's why i am easily blust.Now you took my heart away,i know for sure it's for a revenge,
but yet it makes no changes.
Revenge is easy but useless,if you make it the opposite,then you have to follow kindness.
we are living in a sensual world,as long as we're in, we have to fall.that's what we know as craving call.
All things that shines are not always gold,because all the people do not shine although they are gold.
Time: 09.20AMBy B.C.R.Titu BaruaA Comparative Side Of CBI

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