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How Can I Make up My Days Without You?

By Titu22

I wrote this when i was coming back from wong noi...after class.....i missed the dhmn stupid student bus so i had to come with the stuff bus .....i missed the bus because i was waiting to see my girl in the office but she had already left and the bus also left when she left....then when i was coming back i remembered her very much and wrote this looking at the paper she gave in the class....i didnt yet deeply think about it ...but i am just satisfied with the title of the paper shirt that she gave..."INVITATION".......How Can I Make up My days With You?Now I see an invitation,I just wonder what’s your intention,Can you kindly mention?Under your scene,There is a big story,This could be turned to history,And I hope there would be no mystery.I am still interested in your love,And that’s why I am still alive.I am trying to be realistic,But I don’t know how to fix it.You’re the perfect one,For me to go along,And only to me you belong.I can see your beauty,Even if you don’t look beautiful everyday.Because I love you for what you’re,Not for how you are.I can grief in your sorrow,I can cheer in you happiness,Only if you’re with me to my horror.I can be in the center of fire,I can be in the center of the ocean,Only if you’re with me, Or else I shall spend my time taking bear.In India you have studied,And PhD in pali is your best credit,Life is a mission,From you this is what I have studied.Heaven is a place bear by,So if I don’t get you,I won’t cry,Because I believe you’ll never say good bye.When everything falls away,I will think of you to make up my day,And pay the bill for the clay.ByBCR.Titu BaruaWatsuthivararam,Sathorn, Yannawa,Bangkok, 10102.Thailand.

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