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What About This BRILLIANT Jared Leto Joker Theory?

Posted on the 23 July 2015 by Geekasms @geekasms
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What About this BRILLIANT Jared Leto Joker Theory?

Ever since that first photo of Jerd Leto’s Juggalo-looking Joker hit the interwebs, fans have been questioning the look and design.  While the silver grill isn’t big on fans’ list, the key question is how would the Joker we all know and love be able to sit long enough for all the tattoos he has? The classic clown prince of crime wouldn’t be the type to sit there for such things.

Well this theory from Reddit user Jason-G169 might just explain the how: that the Joker we’re seeing in the Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t the original, classic, “real” Joker but is in fact Jason Todd, Batman’s second Robin.

If you’re not familiar, Jason was Batman’s second Robin, taking over the mantle after Dick Grayson left the sidekick biz to become Nightwing.  In the comics, the Joker eventually murders Jason Todd after fans voted for his demise.  This caused Batman to mourn over his failure as a guardian and mentor for years (which manifests as developing a passion for keeping dead people’s clothes on display.)

Eventually, Jason was resurrected (because comic books!  Superboy-Prime retcon punches!) and took the mantle of Red Hood, which was Joker’s identity prior to the accident that turned him into the Joker.  So you already have a precedent of Jason taking up the Joker’s identity, but this theory just takes it to the next level.

Jason-G169’s theory concludes that all the tattoos that people hate, are each selected and are there because Jason uses it as a way to taunt Batman.  Something that would fit within Batman’s former rash sidekick’s personality.  With things like the J on his cheek standing for Jason rather than Joker.  What appears to be a tattoo of a bird, possibly a robin, on his right arm.  Even the skull in a jester hat representing Jason Todd’s death and rebirth into the new Joker.  If you’re wanting to torture Batman and rub in his failure his biggest failure, what better way than to do it in such a visual and permanent way?

The silver grill can also be explained in this theory, being that he would need a mouth full of metal if all his front teeth had been knocked out, by say a crowbar.  Plus this could explain why we seem to have a Joker that is awful young compared to our aged, rugged Batman, yes?


Things that we have seen from the trailers give us an idea of Batman’s history, and support this theory.

In the Batman v Superman trailer, Bruce is heard saying: “20 years in Gotham.  How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?”  Possibly referring to his former partner’s turn from good to evil.

Things we have seen suggest that the Joker knows who Bruce is and his past, with mailing him a copy of the newspaper headline, with “Your let your Family Die” written on it, to mock the Dark Knight.  This could be referencing anything from the murder of Bruce’s parents to the “death” of Jason himself.


Then the big thing:  Robin’s costume/memorial.  When people first saw it, they simply assumed that the Joker wrote it on the costume, mocking Batman for killing his partner. What if a Jason Todd Joker, who knows the location of the Batcave, desecrates his own memorial, IN the batcave, to mock Batman in not only his failure at saving Jason, but also to the fact that the Jason Joker knows all his secrets.  Ha Ha, the joke’s on him indeed!

Another aspect that lines up with this is the fact that we see what appears to be a bullet hole on the left shoulder of Robin’s costume, with a matching scar on Leto’s Joker’s shoulder that was seen in that first official photo.


So, to conclude: we have a Robin who was tortured and driven insane by the Joker, only to take up the man’s mantle.  A former Robin. A younger Joker who knows all of Batman’s secrets, including Bruce Wayne’s past, and the location of the batcave.  Using this knowledge to mock and torture Batman, rubbing in his face his biggest losses and failures.  A new, more twisted spin on Batman’s greatest enemy, making it more personal, and painful for the Dark Knight to face.

What do you think?  Plausible theory or just crazy thinking?  Does it explain the WHY of this Joker to you, or just opens up more questions?

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