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What a Difference Time Can Make

By Survivingana @survivingana

time makes a differenceEach time I stop and look back, I can see how far we have come. How much my daughter has matured and stabilised. Someone recently said, “She is just blossoming”. YES!! (Oh and she chose the photo on right to go on this post)

Since leaving school, she hasn’t struggled with the usual ‘I’m bored’ and the triggers that can feed from that. Last holiday she did well too, but she prepared by making sure she had things to do. This time she didn’t even prepare. She sorta just let it flow and happen around her. That’s pretty cool.

The fact that Soph is actually studying reasonably, not panicking (well not yet) and still eating normally is a very good sign. If she was starting to fear and be insecure her eating habits would be the first sign all wasn’t well. But so far so good. But whatever happens is still ok. Only a year ago she was a mess about the thought of exams and cancelled them all.

Tomorrow she gets all 4 wisdom teeth out. So yes, today she has been hyper, very talkative (almost manic) and stayed close to me (with big eyes) – she says she is fine, but her behavior gives her away.  At least is is a late morning operation (all in hospital) and we can be home early afternoon and get her settled. How she goes after that I don’t know – apart from being very painful and swollen. What I hope most, is that there are no complications or prolonged changes to her eating pattern. That will be enough to trigger the eating disorder behavior. God has it all in His hands, and whatever the outcome she will be cared for. That is all I can do.

So the fridge is ready with soft foods, medicine cabinet full of pain killers, ice packs freezing, movies and books stocked up. Good to go. I will tell her what to expect from surgery in the morning. It isn’t a horrific thing to talk about, but even the slightest knowledge will worry Sophie. She needs a good sleep tonight instead of worrying.

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