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What a Cold World It Could Be: Cold World by P. Mattern and M. Mattern.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
Cold World by [Mattern, P., Mattern, M.]
With the volatile political climate we have plus the state of the environment, a Cold World type future is not that unrealistic. After a series of volcanic eruptions, an all out nuclear war and an ice age, how do the survivors live?
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“Born into a world of ice...on fire to expose the truth”
The Scriptorians write that we knew it was coming thirty years before it actually happened.

There were scoffers, and differences of opinion in the global scientific community of course. In the end, with substandard funding of energy alternatives, a U.S.Congress that responded to the greatest emergency in the history of Humankind with the speed of a lame snail swimming through treacle, and no concrete plan among the masses to deal with the fallout, only about a tenth of the world’s population was remotely prepared for what happened.

The ring of fire, volcanoes that hadn’t erupted in centuries, all erupted within weeks of each other. That was the natural disaster part, and all by itself would have changed weather patterns for decades.

On top of that , the most powerful country on the planet, the Russian Federation, reached its bear claws out toward it’s only clear rival, China, and decimated them with a nuclear strike, ushering in a new Ice Age.

After that, the earth went cold.

I was born in the tenth year after the New Ice Age began in earnest, on the diamond shaped continent that used to be the United States, but was renamed Naris by the governing body known as the Collesium.

My name is Billy Zhine. A frozen earth is the only world I have ever known.

This is my story.

Cold World is available for pre-order at the price of 99 cents.

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