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Well, What Do You Want to Know About?

By Behan Gifford @sailingtotem
So, we're still kicking around Lovina. I'd really like to get moving on to Kalimantan / Borneo, but honestly? It's fine. Not just because of the easy access to yummy little restaurants (goat sate, delicious, trust me!). Not just because we have caught up on so many little projects around here. After a bunch of months, I finally having the blog in sync with our life. The gaps between internet access, and my desire not to skip some of stories between access points (I can update via radio, but no internet = no photos), meant it got spread it out for a while there.
There are a few more Balinese vignettes to share, but meanwhile, I've got a bunch of non-location-specific posts that are partly done. So I thought I'd ask... what do YOU want to know about cruising on Totem?
Here's what's rolling around in my head, or half-written. Maybe one of these will grab, maybe you've got something else you want to hear about. Let me know in the comments, by email, or our Facebook page...whatever's easy.
  • Sunscreen / sun protection
  • Essential oils on board- cleaners, lotions, and more
  • Dealing with seasickness
  • Power management: wind, solar, batteries, and use
  • Passage meals
  • Wearing...what? Cruising friendly clothes on Totem
  • Favorite DIYs: from acidophilus cultured milk (yogurt!) to kombucha
  • Not tourists, not expats, not do we fit in? (thank you Gary!)
  • What's in Totem's medical kit (thank you Naomi!)
  • What we use for navigation
  • Onboard communications
  • Getting and using water
  • Beating the heat in the tropics
  • Dealing with the bugs
  • Trading
  • Getting exercise aboard (aka: I love Boat Pose!)
  • Trashed (well, dealing with garbage)
  • Green boating
  • Staying safe
  • Boatschooling
  • Kid-specific questions
  • Clearing into countries, with and without an agent (thank you Cidnie!)
  • ? you tell me!
...and with that, I leave this image from yesterday's Not Really Fun squall. Totem's freeboard is about 5', so you have an idea of the kind of hobbyhorsing that was going on.
Well, what do you want to know about?

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