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Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!

By Zenparenting1 @ZenParenting1
Picture it:
You're brand new to this world.
You're taken away from everyone and everywhere you know.
You're being controlled by strangers with latex gloves and straight faces.
You're laid upon a hard, cold board.
Your legs are strapped down.
Your arms are strapped down, too.
Your blanket is off, your diaper removed - you're cold, alone, immobile, uncomfortable, and scared.
Your genitals are grabbed by one of the strangers who puts a cold, wet substance on the area, rubbing so much that you get an involuntary erection.
(Additional step that may - MAY - be taken in only 4% of cases: a needle may be jabbed straight into the base of your penis, doing little to numb the area and much to cause extra pain with the actual jab and injection. Perhaps a cream is rubbed onto the area instead, doing even less than the needle would. As stated, this is only in FOUR percent of cases, meaning 96% of the time, this step is not taken at all, not that it really matters anyway.)
The foreskin of your penis is ripped from your glans. This must happen, because your foreskin is as firmly attached to your glans as your fingernails are to your fingers.
You've long since been screaming in terror and unbearable pain OR you've gone into a state of shock, not making a peep at all. Regardless of reaction, you're being ignored.
All of a sudden, you feel a white hot, searing pain as the stranger cuts your delicate, nerve-dense foreskin one-third of the way down your penis.
You're still either screaming or in shock. You're still ignored or perhaps you're given a finger in your mouth that you're supposed to suck on or a pacifier covered in sugar water, neither of which do anything to ease your mental, emotional, and physical suffering.
Your sliced foreskin is now spread apart by tightly held clamps as a plastic hood is shoved under it and over your exposed glans. That hood is then tied over your throbbing, bleeding, traumatized penis with a string that will later help the organ to necrotize and fall off.
You're not done yet.
What is deemed as "excess" skin by those strangers ignoring your cries or complete shock is again cut off of your now mutilated penis.
A little dollop of petroleum jelly on your wound, your diaper back on so that you can urinate and defecate on said open wound, a quick clean up, and another swaddling and you're back to your parents.
You hear the stranger tell them what a "good boy" you were, that you "hardly cried at all" or "slept right through it," and that's it's completely normal for you to sleep 12 hours or more now, regardless of how often you were breastfeeding and sleeping before.
You have no voice. You have no way of telling them the truth. You tried earlier, but nobody listened to you.
Congratulations. You've just been circumcised.
Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!
You're brand new to this world.
You get to stay at the breast and in the arms of your warm mother.
That's all. You just get to be, calm, respected, and cared for.
Which sounds better to YOU?
*The procedure described was the Plastibell circumcision, considered by pro-cutters to be the cream of the crop of circumcision methods and the lie is often told to parents that this method involves no cutting. Wrong. It's not. It's all bad. It's all wrong. There is also the Gomco and Mogen methods, pictured below.
Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!
Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!
Do you see? Do you see now why I and so many like me are fighting actively and with all our might to end this atrocity? Do you see?
If you still need more evidence as to why routine infant circumcision is, in fact, a gross violation of all we value in the free world, please visit Intact America. Tell them a friend sent you.

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