Education. Activism. Peace, Love, and Zen.
I am a mom, wife, breastfeeding and NIP advocate, genital integrity advocate, feminist, gay and human rights activist (all your basic -ivists). I full-term breastfeed, cloth diaper, co-sleep, toddler wear, extend the rear-facing sentence (at least that's how my son sees it), do not vaccinate, gently and lovingly discipline, oppose "crying it out," teach and use sign language, and home/un-school. I believe that the birthing process should not be treated as a medical emergency and am a big fan of home births. I do my best to keep my son and family healthy, safe, and happy by researching the heck out of all my decisions. I am always on the look-out for new things I can make myself that are just as good (if not better than) the store-bought stuff.

Some people have referred to me as "crunchy," "granola," "Earth Mother," "hippie," and even "laughable," "stupid," and "crazy" (but I have to consider those sources). I don't really identify as any of those. I'm just me. I just love my son and think the sun shines out of the cute little butt that I would do anything to protect. I want to raise him in the kind of world he deserves and I feel it is my duty as a human being to do my part to make it so.



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    Rear-facing in car seats is 500% safer than forward-facing. It's a cold, hard fact. It may not be convenient for you. It may not appear to be comfortable to you. It may seem over-protective to you, but 500% is a pretty big number...