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Welcome Rosebud.

By Sweetapple19 @sweetappleyard
Welcome Rosebud.

Happy Friday!!

Today's a big day! Time for me to shelve the self-doubt and start my style website called Rosebud (link below).
As you all know, I am a lover of inspirational quotes. I post my favourites to the facebook page most days (probably annoying my friends to no end). Somebody told me once that an entrepreneur accredited his success with reading numerous inspirational self-help books. I don't know how much truth is in this, but in my case, they really help! Each time I tell myself to sit down and shut-up, I read something that reminds me I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And that all amazing things started with a dream and a bit of elbow-grease.
A quote that always sticks with me is this one:
Welcome Rosebud. 
I feel like this sums me up perfectly!! I have goals and big dreams of course, but I honestly have no idea where I am heading. However, I sure am enjoying the road-trip.
Whatever happens, the girls and I will sit down with a bottle of something cheap and nasty one day and have a good laugh about when Katie began starting up websites left, right and center.  
I am as interested as you to see what becomes of all this.
Much love XXXX 
Welcome Rosebud.Welcome Rosebud.Welcome Rosebud.Welcome Rosebud.Welcome Rosebud.

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