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Welcome, I'm So Excited!

By Addietellsall @Addietellsall
   So here goes nothing, welcome to Life: The Sh*t Momma Warned Me About. My name is "Addie" and here is my story. I'm 24yrs old, recently married to my boyfriend of 6yrs, and I don't know what the hell I'm doing half the time. I work in a cubicle as a customer service rep in the health insurance industry and I'm sure everyone can guess that I fucking hate it. Imagine listening to people for 8hrs+ constantly complaining in your ear five days a week. And what are they complaining about, why things you can’t even control of course. They want to complain about their benefits and premiums, the same one’s your paying for yourself by the way since it’s not like your getting an employee discount because you work for the company, and all you can think is, “PLEASE GET OFF MY LINE”. My real dream is to work from home and whether that be doing photography, blogging, or creating homemade beauty products I don’t care, I just want to get out of Corporate America. Sounds like a crazy list though right? Well, that's just for this month. For years I've jumped around starting careers that never finish. It’s like I have Career ADHA. At one point I wanted to make women's fashion, then tried my hand at sewing dog clothes and after that flopped I moved on to interior decorating and home staging. I receive certification as a Home Staging Expert for my training so it wasn't a total bust but like all the other professions that fizzled in a matter of months. All of that was followed by attempting a career in professional photography, writing for a relationship column, and saleing homemade soaps. Oh yeah, did I mention I wrote a book? More accurately, I'm still writing my fiction book and it's taken me over a year to write half the book. It’s about a woman in her 20s figuring what she really wants in life, that narrative sound familiar? 
   So this is where I'm at right now in my life but isn’t not all bad. I married my husband in June 2011 and like any relationship it has it's up and downs but I wouldn’t change a single moment of it all. Since I’ll be blogging about our marriage from time to time I guess it’s only fitting to give my husband a name. “Jackson” is also 24yrs old and he works for a restaurant chain that he’s somewhat fond of. He too dreams of an exciting career in the movie industry but right now his focus is just getting the bills paid. Unlike me, Jackson actually completes his endeavors and obtained both an Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts and after a long day’s work he comes home to search the internet for job openings in his desired field. He’s still waiting on call backs. Don’t pity Jackson though, that man is so amazing in the way he fights for what he wants and the tribulations he’s willing to go through to get to where he wants to be. I don’t think I ever realized just how strong he was until I witnessed him make the ultimate sacrifice for our relationship. As an interracial couple we knew there would be many hurdles for us but we hoped the pains would never come from within the family. When Jackson’s parents found out we were dating 6yrs ago they weren’t exactly happy but claimed their response to be due to shock. Shock from what exactly, I’m still trying to figure out, but over time their acceptance of our relationship seemed to get better. I grew to love his family, spent holidays with them, and even thought them to be like second parents to me. Once our engagement was announced they celebrated our union and even offered to host our wedding at their home. We all agreed that our engagement should last at least 2yrs to give us both time to complete our education but 6months into the engagement Jackson and I decided to marry after a yearlong engagement and that’s when it all went to hell in a hand basket. They said they no longer supported the marriage because they thought we were moving too fast but I believe everyone deep down knew that wasn’t the case, everyone except them who to this day remain delusional about their actions. As months passed and wedding plans were made his parents did everything in their power to change his mind about marrying me. They issued threats of disinheritance, disownment, physical harm, and tossed around racial slurs against me like it was nothing. A few months leading up to the wedding Jackson called his parents and told them where to stick it and since then he’s never looked back. For everyone out there, it is true what they say about soul mates, they really do exist.
   Not only do I have an amazing husband, my best friend of 9yrs, "Lillian", is my rock. She's smart, beautiful, and funny. I’m talking gut busting hilarious. I met her at the end of my 9th grade year in high school and we’ve been together ever since. There have been a few big spats over the years for different reasons but we’ve always managed to keep our connection intact. We even have a saying, "God made one soul and put it into two bodies", and that's what she is to me. So I guess you could say that I was blessed with two soul mates while on earth. I also have two older sisters that I love with all my heart, a brilliant mother, and an astonishing father. I really am divinely blessed and I do try to remember that when I get down moods but it gets so hard. I have so many wants that it almost hurts sometimes.
   My hopes for this blog is just to remain honest with my feelings and thoughts, to reach out to other people that may feel as I do but have no one to explain it to, and to talk about the things no one can really prepare you for. If your one of the lucky ones growing up, your parents endured troubles for you, fixed things when they went wrong, and steered your life in the right direction after it veered off track. Once you go out into the world something normally comes along that knocks you on your ass and makes you suddenly realize you can only rely on your own actions to get through this life and that’s a scary feeling. There are no real marriage manuals out there, child raising commandments, or life guidebooks out there that tell you what to do when reality smacks you in the face. There are books and articles that make suggestions but no one anecdote applies as directly and intimately to your life as you wished it would so you grab bits and pieces of help along the way and wing the rest. Well I'm winging it right now and it's scary but I feel free at the same time and I'm hopeful.
   I hope everyone enjoys my blog and I can't wait to share more with you.
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