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My New Found Love: Power Walking (for Sex)!

By Addietellsall @Addietellsall
This evening we were sitting on the couch and we both felt a little frisky so we decided to be adventurous and get it on right on the couch. This is a big deal; we're still making payments on the fancy Cindy Crawford Collection couch we bought months ago so nothing, I mean nothing gets near this couch that could possibly stain it. So we're getting things warmed up with a little foreplay and I get a wild hair and decide to roll my husband onto his back and climb on top. Now in my head I'm thinking this will be over in about 5mins (no not because of him, but because of me and the weight/breathing issue) and to my surprise everything felt fantastic! I rode him for what felt like at least 20mins and he actually climaxed while we were in that position. I did hesitate for half a second in an attempt to dismount but my husband cheered me on ("oh baby, please don't stop") and I decided to stay on and I didn't stop again, until climax of course. It's like I was subconsciously expecting myself to become winded and I didn't thanks to the power walking and getting myself in shape. Both he and I totally felt victorious, even giving each other high-five's and I never want to go another moment without feeling that way. The other wonderful part about this, I got to see my husband's facial expressions from a different angle than usual and it’s quite wonderful to know I can make him feel that good. All in all, to wrap things up on our little adventure, exercising and being in shape makes a lot of things much more enjoyable and that's why skinny bitches workout. My reason for it anyways....
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