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Saturday Night and I'm Feeling Alright

By Addietellsall @Addietellsall
Evening everyone, I'm back and ready to blab. Nothing in particular, just that Antonio Ballatore is now following me on Twitter, OH YEAH WHO'S YOUR MOMMA!! Now it could be a fake, but who cares, I'm refusing to admit that mere fact because I'm feeling pretty good today. I woke up, did the funky chicken with the husband (this time longer than 5mins much to my delight), and had a Mother/Daughter day with my mom. Yes, I'm 24yrs old and I still need my mommy. We had Thai food, did a little retail therapy, and many talked about marriage and future plans. Its soooo weird talking to my mom about marriage, I mean it's awesome in a way but strange as well and check this, my parents are going out to some kick ass retro/oldie birthday party for the 40yrs+ old crowd and I'm not invited. Seriously, it's a party for a friend of hers and they'll be playing all the old R&B and Flower Power hits from like the 60s and 70s and I can't come because I'm too young. Now let’s be real here as well people, you know with that many hippie dippy era folks in one location there is sure to be a little toke-token going on and I'll miss the whole thing. Mom has plans, OMGosh, it's just so weird to see them as adults now, not as "mom and dad".
Moving along, I plan to do some fun activities myself later on, what that entails, I don't know but I'll be sure to let you know....Maybe I'll get on later for a little drunk tweeting and blogging, OMGOSH I'M DANGEROUS!
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