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Posted on the 12 October 2012 by Tainted Angels @David_Torres_74

Welcome to “Shine through skills.”Hello and welcome my name is David Torres, I will be your guide through your journey into the vast knowledge in the entertainment industry. During your stay here, I will take you through different paths and aspects in this diverse business. I will inform you of the latest techniques and gadgets in the music, film, and graphic design industries as well as the latest news on how to improve the exposure of your business.Before you start any venture in this amazing industry, you need to visualize your passion and interests. You will need to follow a few steps to gain the basic ideas of your business or interest. Your first step is brainstorming; know what your interest in the industry is. This way you can visualize the business, knowledge and circles you will need to be part of to acquired the skills and connections to be able to succeed. Your second step is to research as many websites you find available so you can be able to start planning and networking in all the different areas of the industry that you are interested in. These are the first steps in the process to start your career or your passion. I will keep guiding you as we explore the many possibilities, techniques, procedures, the latest gadgets and equipment to achieve the level you desire to conquer.Websites like; www.ehow.com(provides you with basic and simple information of how and what you need to start), www.sunbiz.com (this site will provide all the information necessary to register your business), www.discmakers.com/Recording(shows you how to build a professional recording studio at home), www.GYBO.com (this site offers you a Free Domain and Website for a year). These websites are a great beginners starting point in their map to success.With these little notes, you can start your journey and never look back. Join me in this amazing learning experience and together we will expand our knowledge and skills.

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