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Weird Things Are Happening

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Weird Things are HappeningWhile growing up, there have been things that have happened to me that I couldn’t explain and did not really understand.  I still experience weird events and happenings that seem coincidental, but now that I am listening to my inner self and voice, I have realized that the weird things that are happening around me that can only be explained paranormal or supernatural sciences, but I feel as though that I understand it better and respect it more.

I was born in a small community in Delaware and lived in the historic area of The Mill Creek Hundred Area.  This area was settled in the late 1700s to early 1800s.  I lived in the Cedars, which is between the Brandy Springs Park and the Wilmington Western Train Station.  My house was a stones throw away from the Historical Brandywine Springs Amusement Park and street backed up to the place where Carry Nation gave a historical speech at the Brandywine Springs Theater.   Knowing all of this now, has given me some insight as to what I experienced in the old house around that historical area.

I lived in that house from the day I was born up until I was 12 years old.  The house was small, so my father decided to build an addition on the existing house.  My father added on the addition, but did not touch the oldest room in the house, which was my bedroom.  The room was had old, creaky hardwood floors, the closet door was the original door and the door knobs were made of old crystal.  The room was old and cold.  That was not the only thing about the room, though, and I soon realized that.

One night I was in my bed, sleeping in my room, which I only shared with myself and my stuffed animals.  I was dead asleep, and all of a sudden, I sat straight up, out of a deep sleep, my eyes as wide as they could go.  I looked ahead of me and moving from right to left, was a gray mass of energy.  I did not move an inch. I just stared at it, as it slowly moved across the bottom of my bed and faded into the wall on the left.  I couldn’t fall asleep for the rest of the night and I did not tell anyone that I saw some sort of ghost or supernatural energy.  Then the voices started the following night.  I would go to my room, lay down, and close my eyes.  5 seconds after I closed my eyes…I would hear faint voices asking “Why are you here?” “Why is she here?”  I would open my eyes and the voices would stop.  I would close them and they would start-up again…”You shouldn’t be here”..”You should leave!”.  I would open my eyes again and it would stop, again.  I ignored it for nights but it got so loud and intense that I couldn’t take it any more and moved out of that room and switched rooms with my older sister. I know I experienced something supernatural, but what I didn’t know was that it wouldn’t be my last run in with a ghost.

These experiences were the last ones I dealt with in that house, but not the last in my life. We moved out of the house and moved into a newly built house, in an area with hardly any historical significance.  When I moved out of that home, and into a rancher in Hockessin, which is also very historical, including being settled in the early to late 1700s and having Lord Cornwallis March through the property, I started to experience weird things again.

One day I was in my bedroom, watching TV, and all of a sudden I heard muffled voices in the living room.  It sounded like 2 men talking or listening to an old, crackley radio.  I walked to my door and opened it and it stopped.  I closed the door and sat back down in my computer chair.  The talking started up again but was interrupted by an old, quick step tune, that sounded like it was coming from the old crackley radio.  I went to the door again and opened it fast.  There was nothing.  I walked around the house and no one was home…nothing was on. Another event happened later that night on the same day.  I was rushing around to leave and I ran into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.  I was in such a rush, I went to flick on the light switch and missed it.  Right when I missed it, I heard a man’s voice laugh at me.  I laughed as well, not to freak myself out or make the entity mad, washed my face, and left the room…keeping the light on.  Now that I am older though, I realize I am dealing with the paranormal and I am not that scared little girl anymore.

Now that I started to listen to my inner voice and trust my gut, I am not as scared as I used to be and I am a little more understanding of the ghosts and paranormal energy that is around me.  I still hear the voices in my living room and the music likes to play sometimes.  I feel people walking behind me, especially when I take walks in the woods, and I feel like something supernatural is staring at me as I sit in my computer chair from time to time. When I was younger,  I did not understand what was happening, even though I was able to see these energies better.  Now that I am older though, I understand them better and respect them so much more.

Thank you to the Mill Creek Hundred History Blog for all of the awesome information!

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