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Weight Loss Journey – I’ve Forgotten What Week It Is!

By Beautybliss @BeautyBliss14

I don’t even have an excuse, I am a major fail. Not at the losing weight thing, but the sticking to a routine and posting my updates weekly. I haven’t even got a clue what week I’m on now..

But, that aside, my weight loss is slowly going well. I must admit, at the moment my life is a bit all up in the air. I genuinely don’t have a clue what I’m doing, with only a month left on my six month contract at my job and not knowing what’s going to happen next, I’m feeling a bit disoriented. I’m not going to sit here and write “sorry I’ve been a little quiet” because I’m not sorry (to put it blunt) as I have a life, a full-time job and I have things to do, but I am going to give my head a bit of a wobble and get my writing back on track – promise!

So, let’s get onto what this post is actually supposed to be about shall we? The weight loss is going okay, I have been slacking with listening to my Paul McKenna CD and that definitely shows. I have lost another 5 lbs but I should be losing a lot more if I was listening to the CD more often. However, I’m looking at pictures of myself and feeling less of a “fat mess” than I did before, so I guess that’s a good thing.

My plan is to get back into it next week, pushing myself to set aside half an hour each night to listen to the CD and read through the book to remind myself what I need to do. I definitely believe if I stick to it, I will see results! But, I think right now was the wrong time to start. I literally feel like Bridget Jones, all up in the air without a solid plan of what I need to do or what it is I even want (except to be whisked away and have a happy ever ending, of course). I even look at my blog and think “can I really do this?” after sitting at my desk at work for 8 hours blogging, I kind of lose the will to live when it comes to writing on my personal blog. Which is what I’m feeling with this whole losing weight thing….unmotivated!

Hopefully my next update will be less all over the place and a bit more positive, but this a what I feel like right now!

Weight Loss Journey – I’ve forgotten what week it is!

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