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Weekly Round up of Wedding Blogs

By Claire

Source: via Claire on Pin­ter­est

Real wed­dings

  • Sammi and Andy got mar­ried in a wind­mill! Love this!
  • A 1950s inspired wed­ding — and a Mar­i­lyn looka­like bride, don’t you think?
  • Corn­flow­ers and sun­shine: love this Yax­ley Hall wedding
  • Turk­ish wed­ding tra­di­tions from this Eng­lish wedding
  • Laura impressed me with her DIY but­ton bou­quet — and check out the delicious-looking tiered fruity wed­ding cake. Proper cake!
  • This wed­ding has the actual pro­posal in the vin­tage type­writer it came from :)
  • A very tan­ta­lis­ing sneak peek — keep your eyes on the image gar­den for more!
  • Lots of gor­geous ideas for you here — thanks Anneli!
  • More of this one very soon… I love ‘Auntie’s Tea Shop’!
wedding photography Cambridge

Wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy from Cam­bride — by Chris Han­ley Photography

Think cre­ative — ideas and designers

  •  Where the Wild Things Are — a shoot, but bril­liantly done!
  • Big flow­ery flow­ers and antiques. Gor­geous inspi­ra­tion shoot.
  • 30 ways to make your wed­ding stand out: part 1. (You could call it ’15 ways to make your wed­ding stand out’…)
  • Wed­ding palette in browns — sounds dull, looks won­der­ful I promise!
Weekly round up of wedding blogs

Source: via Claire on Pin­ter­est

Advice and opinion

  • Wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy tips for cou­ples: your engage­ment shoot and bridal preparations
  • What makes an awe­some wed­ding? Top tips…
  • How to write your wed­ding invi­ta­tions — where to buy and what your options are…
  • … and then insert word­ings and personalisation
  • What do you make of this one? Cats at wed­dings. I wouldn’t dream of it, per­son­ally. If your cat is des­per­ate to go to your big day, per­haps get mar­ried at home.

Where are the wed­ding busi­ness links?

They’ve moved — advice for wed­ding sup­pli­ers is now here. Read why I’m annoyed with Google and think about invest­ing time or money in your business.

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By wedding photography suffolk
posted on 25 January at 00:55
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Great to see a Suffolk venue on the blog! Great images also.