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Weekend Style // Pom Poms and Open Toe Boots

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez

Weekend Style // Pom Poms and Open Toe BootsThis red lace dress is bold and the unraveled hemline settled beautifully on this tutu skirt I've rocked a couple times already. The color red is vibrant and I love how this pair of Topshop Nadia lace up shoe boots juxtaposed the femininity of the tutu and lace combination, but the pièce de résistance is the yellow fur pom pom key chain  on my bag. Tell me you spotted it immediately. It's been the center of attention for a week now. And it's so soft. It's like having a pet dog to rub without the responsibility of cleaning up after it.  I'm thinking of getting one more pom pom, but can't decide on a color that would complement this yellow one. Any help?
Weekend Style // Pom Poms and Open Toe Boots
Topshop bag and shoes / Red Memory dress / unknown brand tutu / Amazon pom pom key chain 

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