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Weekend Buzz: The Consequences of Acting Like a Man

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie


If you own a computer, smart phone, or tablet; I’m sure you viewed the video circulating this past weekend of the Cleveland, OH bus driver who delivered a fierce upper cut to this chick who was giving him major mouth. At first, it was said to be a teenager but as more information was published, we learned she is 25 years of age.  The 60 year old man, who had been employed as a bus driver for 22 years, obviously was fed up. This all transpired when she boarded the bus and apparently didn’t have her fare. This escalated to an argument in which she used some profane language and as reported she then reached over choked him and spit…yes I said spit on him. The bus driver jumped up, said “oh you going to jail now” and delivered a blow that I could only deliver with a wii controller during an intense game of boxing. He then told her “if you want to act like a man, I’ll treat you like a man”

Weekend Buzz: The Consequences of Acting like a Man

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I’ve said it before that I in no way condone violence, but a friend of mine made a valid point today when she stated, “spitting on someone is probably the most demeaning thing you could do to someone”. Not to mention, that’s just nasty, unhealthy, and unsanitary! After viewing the video and seeing her interview, I came to the conclusion that she got exactly what she deserved. If someone was to ever spit on me, it would go down!  I just don’t have the patience and understanding it would take for me to turn the other cheek. I only have four cheeks to turn my right cheek, my left cheek, and both of my butt cheeks; after that, just call me Joe Frazier.

This situation of course made me think. We often hear about men hitting women and people being in abusive relationships, but what happens when the woman is the one who likes to hit? Yes, it’s an uncommon occurrence, but it is some women who will open up a can of whoop ass on their partner. Essentially, how much should one take before they say enough is enough and snap? I’ve known some women to hit because they feel like they can get away with it. They have some false sense of security that he won’t hit back. I know that physically women don’t have the strength that men do, but don’t get it twisted; a woman will pick up a shoe, a book, a bottle, a frying pan (the list is endless) and use it as a weapon. So what happens when the woman is the violent one who hits first? Everyone has a breaking point regardless of gender.

Both parties were wrong in this case, the bus driver should have called the police and had her escorted off the bus.  However, I’m sure that after being spat on he went into a fit and instantaneously turned into Mike Tyson. I hope she learned a valuable lesson…Keep your spit to yourself! Because obviously the consequences of acting like a man will cause you to get the hell knocked right out of you!

Weekend Buzz: The Consequences of Acting like a Man

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