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Week ONE of Being a Mamá of TWO | Essentials

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
Welcome Lucía Josephine!
Week ONE of being a mamá of TWO | Essentials
Nothing ever goes as planned - does it? Baby was due around the 15th of February.
I had a good pregnancy overall but had minor complications which can turn ugly in the end (highish blood pressure and low platelets).
I was in and out of the hospital three times prior to giving birth. Once with pre-labor contractions at 28 weeks which scared the life out of me. Then back again with an overnight stay at 34/35 weeks.
Finally my doctor and I discussed being induced on January 30th due to my blood pressure rising and my platelets dropping.Exhausted, swollen and feeling sluggish all around, I had my baby shower on Sunday the 27th.
On Monday the 28th I went in for my last scan and to monitor the baby's movement. However, I never left the hospital.I was sent straight to labor and delivery due to baby being in slight distress, lack of movement and low heart beat. I was induced that evening and my little Lucía was born on Tuesday, January 29th at 11:55am.
My husband didn't make it back in time. He watched from Johannesburg Airport in South Africa via Google Hangout and boarded his plane just 15 minutes after the delivery. Because of the flu and all that yucky stuff going around, kids where not allowed in the hospital and my little man was not able to come see me and his sister.
I am home now. It's day 7 of being a mamá of two and I'm working on getting the hang of it. I've showered a few times (not many) washed my hair once or twice and done an insane amount of laundry.
Not much time left for anything else and my new mamá uniform consists of the Close Baby Carrier (I LOVE having her close to me!) my Hold Your Haunches leggings, Ugg Fabrizia Boots, a nursing cami, a loose blouse and my Elizabeth bracelet which I use to remember which breast I last used to nurse Lucía.
And there is absolutely NO time for makeup or anything fancy! Just a quick slather of First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Restore Cream and a dab of Neutrogena Eye Perfector.
Week ONE of being a mamá of TWO | Essentials Off to the pediatrician!
Week ONE of being a mamá of TWO | Essentials Most of all, I'm just overwhelmingly happy and thankful for my lovely family.
The love I have for both my children is immense and both my husband and I are ecstatic with what we have created and what we have been blessed with.
It's bloody hard work as my British friends say, but it's worth every waking hour (and I'm awake for MANY MANY hours!)
Now I'm off to feed the little lady - it's going to be a very long night!

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